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Hi, I’m Marianne!

I love change and I call myself a ‘Change Lover’. And I am known for and therefore great in helping people get started with that new beginning. And it’s something that gives me a buzz (which you can profit of).  I’m here to help you kick-start the whole process of change.



What have you done, achieved and accomplished from the day you were born up to now? What does this say about you? My e-courses allow you to create awareness around your past and acknowlegde the value of it.


Who are you? What are your deepest needs and wishes? What do you truly want to do in life? What would you like to create? What do you wish for yourself, others and the world? My e-courses allow you to get clarity on your desired direction.



What are you going to do with the abilities, skills, knowledge (talents) you have been given? How do your character traits support you in moving into your desired direction? My e-courses allow you to create a blueprint for all your future steps.

Super Change Champion

What makes me a Super Change Champion? I have always followed my creative urges and the sun, and I can guide you on doing the same. And all of the changes in my own life, intended or not, have taught me how to respond to new circumstances, how to be flexible and to be creative and courageous too. Are you ready to join me?

let's begin

Online Coaching

All e-courses are about 12 sessions long. Each session can be seen as an online coaching session. You can do the sessions in 12 hours, 12 days, 12 weeks or even 12 months. What’s so great about my evergreen courses? You decide on the pace and you buy the e-course once and it’s yours forever!