© Superchangechampion.com. Marianne de Kuyper
© Superchangechampion.com. Marianne de Kuyper

Year Champion E-book

In the e-book ‘Year Champion‘ you say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. The offered approach in this e-book is for sure different from the manifestation exercises that you normally come across around the New Year. Buy our timeless Year Champion e-book (32 pages) and with it you offer yourself opportunities for growth.

© Superchangechampion.com. Marianne de Kuyper

Hi, I’m Marianne!

I love change and I call myself a ‘Change Lover’ and I am known for and therefore great in helping people get started with that new beginning. And it’s something that gives me a buzz (which you can profit of).

And I’m here to help you kick-start the whole process of change. Also, I created this platform for ongoing personal development especially for those who are highly sensitive (HSP) and/or deal with Selective Sound Sensitivity (Misophonia).

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Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

Are you quickly influenced about what you sense around you? Does this make you feel tired, stressed or overwhelmed from time to time? Do you need a lot of time to recuperate when you have been out there in the world? Do you know or think you might be highly sensitive to all the impulses and sounds around you? My e-courses for ongoing personal development offer you an environment that’s clean, neat and well-organised. And there are various e-courses in the shop that you might like!


Selective Sound Sensitivity

Are you sensitive to certain or specific sounds around you made by other people? Do softer and also louder human sounds bother you? Do these sounds trigger a fight, flight, flee or fawn (freeze) response in you? If so, you might be dealing with the condition ‘Misophonia’. I refer to it as ‘Selective Sound Sensitivity’, since you probably don’t ‘hate’ all sounds. My Sound Champion Course assists you in creating a safe space for yourself in a world full of impulses and sounds: Sound Champion E-course.


Super Change Champion

I have always followed my creative urges and the sun, and I can guide you on doing the same. And all of the changes in my own life, intended or not, have taught me how to respond to new circumstances, how to be flexible and to be creative and courageous too. Are you ready to become a Change Champion? 


Self-Guided Courses

All e-courses are about 12 sessions long. Each session can be seen as an online coaching session. You can do the sessions in 12 hours, 12 days, 12 weeks or even 12 months. What’s so great about my evergreen courses? You decide on the pace and you buy the e-course once and it’s yours forever!



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