All kinds of new stuff + a secret

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Super Change Champion


This month: All kinds of new stuff + a secret 🌟 



“The sun will rise
and we begin again




Dear Champs,


I don’t know about you, but I for sure have gone from one extreme mood to the next. Some days I am hopeful and joyful and on other days I wonder whether I should continue with what I am doing. And the only thought that comes up when I am in one of these dark moods is: “What’s the use …?”. 

Does it sound familiar?

I hear this dark thought around me a lot lately.
A lot of people feel lost, insecure and tired of not knowing what will happen next.
And this made me think.

We are not victims.
We can make our own choices.

We can step out of the waiting room.
We can rise up and begin.
Somewhere. On something. For someone.

This is what I do.

Every day I choose to work on And to make sure I start to feel lighter; I need to work on it as well. When I can’t work on it, I feel moody, agitated and irritable. Why? I feel there’s sooooo much I wish to create that I just have to get up and start somewhere.

What’s the result of all of this playful work?

+ All website pages have been updated and now have new buttons to help you navigate the website better.
+ A NEW e-book version of the Year Champion e-book is for sale. You can buy this timeless version and use it for the next New Year or your own personal new year; your birthday: Year Champion e-book.
+ An updated Tote Bags page with examples of the tote bags to collect memories: Shop – Tote Bags.
+ A NEW page with e-books (!) for those who wish to do my e-courses offline: Shop – E-courses.

The e-books are the best new service I can offer to you. An e-book is cheaper than an e-course and you can print the PDF (A5 or A4) and do the exercises offline. Of course, the e-course offers you more exercises than the e-book, but still it can get you going in the right direction for sure!

What’s coming up soon?

+ The Wicked Wednesday e-course will become an evergreen course as well just like the other e-courses and it will also come with a downloadable e-book.
+ The Mind Map It Coaching Program can already be taken by scheduling a phone call with me, and it will also go online as an e-course.

….. Tell me; what else would you like to see happening on

My Secret Project …

And in case you are a fan of the work I do, perhaps you will love the other platform that I created. This new one just came into being and I will run it alongside

> Go here and have a peak and tell me what you think of it:
> Or even better me, join me for the SOUL FOOD experiment. 
> Check the website for the Joy Books: Wishes, The Wonder Jar + Soul Food.

Yes, this is the secret I have for you.
Why is it a secret?
Well, you know that I created it.
Most others don’t.
You see. I use my artist’s name for it: Alex Majoie.

That’s it for now!

I’m here. Simply connect!

With love & care,
Marianne de Kuyper


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