Big Brush Strokes

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This Month: Big Brush Strokes.


Dear Champs,


What a year it has been!


Just a little recap!

Last year I was busy writing the website text for, had the brand identity (logo) designed by Lisa and I had Jaap working on building the website for me.

I also edited Change Champion and Sound Champion with the help of Brenda and recently I’m receiving support from various wonderful and helpful souls to get ready for 2020.


What have I been up to lately?

Aimilia and I had two photoshoots at my house in Amsterdam, so I have new material for the website and newsletters. Oh, I felt so vulnerable, and it was quite a thing for me to be in front of the camera. I really did feel 42 years old (!) and I wasn’t at all happy with my looks. I’m still recovering ;)! … Guess introverts don’t like being in the spotlights!

Hannah, who is an artist as well just like Aimilia, started drawing and painting designs for the (e-)book we would like to have ready by next summer. I know, another ambitious plan of mine, but I’d like all e-courses to be sold with an additional e-book and a book that can be printed on demand (POD).

Brenda and Rosanne have expressed that they’d like to support me with editing more of my work, which is amazing. I’d love to share so much more with you on topics that I’ve struggled with myself and that I’ve had guidance on throughout the last 21 years!


Yes, I started having therapy when I was about 20 years young and up to this day, I keep on investing in myself this way. And I know it can be very useful for others who are dealing with the same themes in life to feel more supported and guided.


What’s my conclusion so far?


Writing this all down, makes me realize that ABUNDANCE mainly came in the form of love & support in 2019. Most people shared their time, energy and talents with me and might continue to do so in 2020. Some have been paid, and others will be paid as soon as people are being guided by me through the online courses that are available. It’s a huge gift that I can pay some people for their work sometime in the future. Especially since I’m still busy on getting noticed and trusted.


“All in all; my work in 2019 feels like Big Brush Strokes!”


A year ago, I didn’t even know how to build an online course platform and now I have 2 e-courses online and I’m currently creating the plan for what’s to come in 2020. And yes, it has been quite a process to stay on track, since I’m a perfectionist and have a fear of failure.


The cure? Whatever it is, JUST do it anyway, even though you sometimes don’t know what the next step needs to be. I know now that the steps will become clearer once you begin! All in all; my work in 2019 feels like Big Brush Strokes. And in 2020 I can start to fine-tune it all.


Lessons I have learned to far?


  • Feel your way into things. Follow your heart and not your head when making a decision.
  • Make a choice. There’s no right or wrong. Choose an option and get going.
  • Get up and do it. The next step will become clearer once you begin.
  • Trust your intuition. If something or someone doesn’t feel right for whatever reason, listen to this and stop ‘it’.
  • Trust your own smarts. Yes, you know much more than you think. Trust yourself.


Like the Wicked Wednesday members said to me on the Facebook wall of our closed group during the challenge: “You were right Marianne; change is all about doing it. You need to get up and JUST do it if you’d like things to happen and change!”. 


Change: It’s simple really, right? I know it’s not always, and that’s why I created e-courses and challenges (adventures) like Wicked Wednesday to guide you along the way and to make change easy. On the courses and challenges, we break it (your goals) all down into tiny steps. And all of these steps will get you further on your journey!


Are you with me? Do let me know how I can help:


With love and care,
Marianne de Kuyper


P.S. I’m a Dutch girl going global. Even though I reread everything multiple times, my apologies in case I’ve made a language mistake somewhere. Just e-mail me about it. I’ll be happy to adjust it (if I can) and learn from it!

P.S. More news soon. You’ll will receive 1 or 2 letters per month on the process of change. You can see these e-mails as free motivational prompts. You can always opt out, but I hope you’ll stay!

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// I, Marianne (founder) am a Dutch girl going global. Even though (the team and) I reread everything multiple times, my apologies in case I’ve made a language mistake somewhere. Just e-mail me about it. I’ll be happy to adjust it if I can and learn from it! //