Can you find your way ‘home’?

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JULY 2019. Early Bird News Update.

This Month: Can you find your way ‘home’?


Dear you,


Can you find your way ‘home’?* ‘Home’ meaning living a life that’s in alignment with your higher goals and aspirations. Now I believe it’s not up to me to say what that’s for you. I can only guide you towards your ‘home’ and that’s what I’m hoping to do with my e-courses on and with this blog.


To find your way home is about listening to the whispers of your heart as a friend of mine, Maartje, said. These whispers are your signpost along the way. Now sometimes we do hear the whispers of our heart, but we don’t listen to them. Why? One word: RESISTANCE. We know where we are, we don’t know where we’re going exactly and often the thoughts around having to or wanting to change create a whole lot of resistance.


You know what I do when I feel resistance creeping in and I’d like to change situations anyway? I know, I don’t always manage. But this is what I generally do. I sit still, notice the resistance and allow it to be there and very important; I ask for help. All the time!


My partner has even remarked the other day that he’s always surprised on how much I manage to arrange just by asking others for their guidance.


I’ll share some examples from the last weeks to inspire you. And a good thing to note is that I always make sure I give something in return. All in all it’s an exchange of energy. Some examples:


I wish to feel lighter than I currently am, so I asked Daniel to guide me with my food-intake. What do I need to do? Analyse my food intake with a food log before I adjust my eating habits.


I wish to feel stronger, so I asked Nelson to train me by sending me weekly Personal Training videos over WhatsApp. What do I need to do? I simply need to practice at least 3-5 times a week.


I wish to move house and I’d love to live on the Spanish country side. I’ve asked Miquel, a friend on Mallorca, to have an ear out for us in case he hears of a nice opportunity for a house. What do I need to do? Look for a house in places where I’d like to live with my partner and ask others who live there for their help.


Daniel is in Miami.
Nelson is in Mozambique.
Miquel is on Mallorca.
I’m in Amsterdam.
You see; distance is no excuse!


Find your way home: What can you do to create the kind of change that you need to find your way ‘home’?


You need to ACT!


Awareness come first.
What is it that your heart is longing for?


Then comes Commitment. You need to take action.
What is it that you can do today to move into the desired direction, even when you feel resistance? 


And it’s also important to Treasure what ‘s already present in your life.
What are you grateful for already? 


“I’m willing to release the need for resistance!”.


In order to act and to move forward, I know it also necessary to let go of the resistance that I feel towards the change. My favorite exercises here come from Louise L. Hay from her book ‘You can heal your life’.


I use all kinds of mantras from her book that I’ve put up on several walls & mirrors in my house and that I repeat many times a day. The best ones for now are “I’m willing to release the need for resistance!” and “I’m willing to change!”.


  • How about you?
  • When do you feel a lot of resistance?


As Louise L. Hay states in her book that’s exactly the area where you need to change most!


To conclude;

  • Listen to the whispers of your heart.
  • Allow the resistance to be there.
  • Move forward anyway.
  • Feel the gratitude.


In case you need some extra guidance … 


I’m here for you!
I am a good listener and happen to have good ideas & advice too. Just e-mail me and drop me a line to two. I’ll get back to you for sure.


With love and care,
Marianne de Kuyper


* INSPIRED BY: Interesting talk on Insight Timer from Burgs. Listen to it here: Remember The Way Home. 


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