Change comes from within

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This Month: Change comes from within.


Dear Champs,


Remember what I shared with you in October’s Newsletter?  … “It’s never too late for a new adventure!”. Well, I have been on an adventurous month on Mallorca and I have learned a lot about the topic of change again. Read on and learn from my lessons in life.


I have spent the last 5 weeks on Mallorca and even though I really needed a holiday, I have hardly sat still. For example, at home I would never plan 2 or 3 appointments in one day. On Mallorca I did. Hugo and I drove around the island for about 2 hours a day and we managed to actually have 3 meetings per day.


The result? Within 5 weeks we both managed to find work on Mallorca and we connected with a lot of other foreigners* on the island who are also busy setting up their life in Spain.


I say ‘foreigners’, as we didn’t consider ourselves ‘tourists’ neither ‘expats’. And we (Hugo, the people we met and I) all agreed that it will take time before we will feel truly at home in Spain as most of us don’t speak Spanish yet. A lot of local life on Mallorca therefore felt very foreign to us.


And on this Mallorcan adventure we noticed again: Change comes from within. “It is the change in your intent that changes the external situations [1]”.


Moving abroad reminds me of being a kid again; I have to learn how certain things work differently in Spain and it sometimes feels like I depend on other people’s goodwill and care. I say ‘feels like’, because I also know that whatever happens now, is because of the time, energy and effort I will keep on putting into the whole adventure and I am independent, autonomous and free to decide what feels right for me.


I thought that researching our options on Mallorca would exhaust me, and it did. But also, I am still alive and kicking and I managed to do it all. I absolutely surprised myself here. How did I manage to keep on breathing throughout these 5 hectic weeks?


The thing is, we had a very clear goal in mind. Our goal? We wanted to find out whether we can find a house and a job on Mallorca and we wanted to get a feel of the place. All of that within the time span of 5 weeks. That goal kept us going!


We managed to achieve most of our goals; we both found work for example. How did we go about it? For example, I relied on my skill of Yoga teaching and coaching. I organized 3 donation-based Yoga classes at living rooms around the island. This way people were able to get to know me, I was able to connect with them and I was able to see a new part of the island. Plus, I was able to earn money at the same time.


These Yoga classes were also part of my Wicked Wednesday Challenge that I am on myself too with some other champions who have signed up for it. I really had to give myself a kick-under-the-butt as I felt very nervous and apprehensive about getting into the classroom again, but being on the challenge helped me do it!


Oh by the way, you can sign up for this Wicked Wednesday Challenge again in January 2020 when we do the second round. Just let me know whether you’re interested in joining us by sending me an e-mail:


The next goal for me is to let go of what I know and what’s familiar. Why? I must say it feels very comfortable to be in Amsterdam again where I know how everything works and where I feel at home. It might just be easier to stay! And I do wonder sometimes why I actually feel like moving elsewhere, but then again, I’d really like to also live in a warmer, sunnier place and closer to nature for a decent number of months per year.


THUS; 5 Learned Lessons


This brings me to the lessons I have learned this month. Perhaps these can support you too during the process of change.


1) I have already created a comfortable home in Amsterdam. I already manifested that and I can go home whenever I feel like it. Moving abroad or being abroad from time to time doesn’t mean I need to give up my home in Amsterdam. It’s perhaps more a story of And-And instead of Or-Or.


2) We can have it all. It’s like a friend of mine often states: “It’s my Universe!” meaning as much as “I decide on what I’d like to create!”. You need to decide first what you’d like to feel like daily and then you make choices daily that align with that feeling. If you’d like to feel free every day, working as a FREElancer might be your choice for example.


3) We are all capable of doing so much more than we think when we have clear goal in mind. It’s about knowing your deepest wishes and needs and then about taking action daily to work towards these aspirations.


4) It is all about trying. We need to forget about wanting it all to be perfect. Perfection doesn’t exist. I had to accept that again this month. It’s about trying, experimenting and feeling what works and what doesn’t. For example, sometimes I met wonderful people, who I for sure will meet again. And sometimes I met up with people who I just didn’t connect with. These I will not see again. That’s just it.


This whole month on Mallorca had that thought as the underlying goal: Do I FEEL it or not? And I am still in that process. Being back home in Amsterdam is part of the whole process. The question now is: “Do I feel it? Do I want to go back to Mallorca, will I stay in Amsterdam or am I going back to Africa? …”.


I will keep you posted!


Now back to you. Your approach?


> What’s keeping you busy?
> What would you like to create?
> What does ‘to manifest it’ mean to you?
> What’s your main goal?
> What’s your approach?
> What will your first/next step be?


Do know that the Change Champion E-Course is designed to answer all of these questions and more. It’s like creating your Master Plan and Blueprint for your near future plans. The questions on this e-course and all of the exercises on it will support you year in, year out with the BIG question: What’s next?


Last but not least. I once overheard someone say that once everything that’s familiar starts to fall away, you know you are on the right track. And the good thing to know here is that things will fall into place (Lesson #5).


+ I am here for you!
In case you can use some extra support or have a question, just e-mail me and drop me a line or two. I will get back to you for sure:


With love and care,
Marianne de Kuyper


[1] Header photo was taken by by Nadia; my yoga class host!
[2] Source Quote:


P.S. I’m a Dutch girl going global. Even though I reread everything multiple times, my apologies in case I’ve made a language mistake somewhere. Just e-mail me about it. I’ll be happy to adjust it (if I can) and learn from it!

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