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This Month: Summary time for Yoga’s ethical guidelines: Dare to look within. 

Previous months: Monthly Inspiration.


Dear Champs, 


Dealing with the world around us and inside of us can be quite a challenge, isn’t it? This current blog is a summary of the five Yoga’s ethical guidelines known as the ‘Niyamas’. They tell us more about how we can deal with our inner world. You can see the Yamas and Niyamas as instructions to move into a certain direction as Deborah Adele puts it in her book ‘The Yamas and Niyamas [1] ’.


Yoga’s ethical guidelines

In the past five blogs on Yoga’s ethical guidelines (Niyamas) we looked at:


  1. Purity (Saucha)
  2. Contentment (Santosha)
  3. Self-discipline (Tapas)
  4. Self-study (Svadhyaya)
  5. Surrender (Ishvara Pranidhana)


In other words, …



As I have said before in the summary of the Yamas ‘Tomorrow is a new day!’, it simply isn’t possible to live by all of these ethical rules at the same time, all of the time. We are no saints; we live in a fast-paced world and sometimes in overcrowded cities. And not everybody lives from a place of love. We for sure try to, but don’t always manage.


My first advice would therefore be, strive to live by Yoga’s ethical rules, but see them as guidelines. Also be kind to yourself when you don’t manage to live by them daily. Be compassionate to yourself. And learn. Keep looking at your own life. Keep breathing. Keep observing and adjust accordingly.


Reflective questions

Look back at the last months and all the monthly inspiration blogs. And answer the following reflective questions for yourself.


  • What’s happening?
  • What keeps on happening?
  • What’s keeping you busy?
  • Why is that topic keeping you busy?
  • What recurrent theme is present?
  • Is there a pattern that needs to be looked at?
  • What’s the lesson you keep on getting?
  • What can you learn from it?
  • What can you do to transform it?
  • Who could help you heal?
  • What step can you take today to move forward with more trust, honesty and love?


Sometimes we don’t manage to hold up all our good intentions. Being irritated, frustrated or perhaps angry about either the past, present or future will do us no good. We would simply only be using our precious energy the wrong way. But dive into the sensations! They are messages from your body that something isn’t quite right. Feel into those sensations. What’s the hidden message behind them?


Time to use the useful method of Non-Violent Communication.


  • What sensations do you feel in the body?
  • What thoughts come up when you notice this?
  • How does this make you feel?
  • What’s the need behind it?
  • What needs to be expressed?
  • What can you do?
  • Or what could you ask for?


Check Nonviolentcommunication.com for help with this!


And what else is wise? Like a Buddhist monk once explained during a lecture that I went to: “Tomorrow is a new day”. Even he admitted that although he has been raised in a monastery that he too gets angry. His advice: “Forgive yourself and have compassion. Just try again the next day to be less angry or to not get angry at all!”.


Tomorrow is a new day” _ Buddhist monk


That is all we can do. We try living according to our values and we try applying them daily. Yoga’s ethical guidelines are also exactly that; guidelines. They are signposts along the way. If we get off track, they can guide us back.



Looking back at the past months; how did you approach and use the guidelines?

The questions we looked at during the blogs on the Niyamas were:


  • How can you live life in a lighter, easier and freer way?
  • How can you live from a place of contentment, gratitude and presence?
  • How can you use your self-discipline in order to change what needs (wants) to be changed?
  • How well do you know yourself?
  • How can you surrender to life? 


The guidelines give direction on how to live a joyful life. At least, that’s how I personally experience them. They help me understand what’s happening around me and inside of me and give meaning to my experiences.


To conclude, I don’t feel limited by these guidelines. I see them as an opportunity to live life in an easier and lighter way. It’s like Deborah explains in her book: “If we do it ‘right’ the first time, we don’t need to go back and apologize!”. Now, how much easier would that make life, right?


Last, but not last, did you know that …?


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That’s a whole lot of GOODIES in one place!


With love and care,
Marianne de Kuyper


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