Do it from Love. Not for love.

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Super Change Champion


This month: Do it from Love. Not for love. 💖


“Do it from love.
Not for love”


Dear Champs,


What a year it has been!

In various ways.
In the world.
And for sure in our own ‘little’ worlds.
How are you currently doing?

For and thus myself it has been quite a process. And one of years actually. Personal growth takes time.

I still remember writing the first chapters of the Change Champion e-course back in 2010. Yes that’s how far back it goes.

When I was doing my first Yoga Teacher Training in 2010 I started writing blogs on ‘Change’. The words just flowed onto paper after my Yoga classes. And the blogs basically wrote themselves. I know that’s called ‘being in the zone’ and I know how it feels. I hope you know the feeling as well.

It took 4 years before I rewrote the blogs together with Bram van den Reijen and posted them as blogs on my ‘Yin Yoga with Marianne’ website that’s now offline.

It took 5 more years before Brenda Hofman and I rewrote these blogs and turned them into the e-course ‘Change Champion‘ that’s now available online.

Just before that, during my time in Mozambique and South-Africa in 2018, I met Adrienn who came up with the name ‘Change Champion’. And what started in 2010, thus finally got birthed in 2019.

My conclusion? Things take time. A whole lot of time, patience, determination and care. I am busy with on a daily basis and I take care of it every day.


It’s a process that goes on even when I sleep and the online learning platform is never out of my mind. I call it ‘LOVE’.

I love what I do. I love reading, studying, writing and sharing my experiences and knowledge with you via my online trigger-free classroom. And luckily, my ‘work’ feels like playing and that’s what I had set out to do.

And about my knowledge. I don’t hold the answers. I know that. I hold some, not all, but I love doing self-inquiry exercises, and that’s what I love sharing with you.

So, I hope that the exercises that I share with you on the blogs, newsletters and e-courses will guide you towards YOUR answers.  I am ‘simply’ guiding you. Not teaching you. But showing you a path that I took that worked for me. Perhaps it works for you too.

And like a friend commented the other day: “A lot of people are intelligent, but not many are wise. Wisdom is an entirely different concept”. 

I hope that what I have learned in life can be of benefit to you and others. And I do it from love, not for love. AND I do hope you love what I do and that you can find some wisdom in what I share with you.

Thank you for having been on this journey with me so far!


What have I accomplished since the beginning of 2020?



All from love, not for love. 

And all to be able to give back to the world, what I have been able to receive from many gifted people. Read on to find out more!


It’s like I have said before. Personal growth takes time. I am 43 now and I started with therapy when I was about 20. I have dealt with an eating disorder, fear of failure at all 3 levels (physically, socially and mentally), fear of abandonment and chronic depression (dysthymia). And to add another ‘crazy’ name to the list; Misophonia. This is translated as ‘Hatred of Sounds’, but I call it ‘Selective Sound Sensitivity’ as I don’t hate all sounds ;)!


What have I done to deal with all of this? Just a few examples. Haptonomy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychotherapy and Somatic Experiencing. And I have read dozens of self-help books and I even took the medicine plant Ibogaine twice. In case you wish to find out more about my experiences with any of the therapies I have tried, email me and I will be happy to answer your questions.


I have had so much guidance from many gifted people and for that I am very grateful. And I have a lot of people who I can support based on what I know and have experienced. And there are people who are a few steps ahead of me and guide me on an ongoing basis. Like they say as well; all from love. And the same counts for all that I do.


Last, but not least. Give & receive and the other way around.


  • Have I been able to guide you via my blogs, newsletters and/or e-courses? 
  • And is there something you wish to do in return? 


If your answer is yes, then you can do something in return to keep the universal reciprocal ‘giving and receiving’ in balance. Don’t feel obligated. If you can afford to support me with a donation, however small, it’s very welcome.

Your support will allow me to spend more time on sharing my insights via blogs, newsletters, e-courses and coaching circles. With your donation you also support others who could benefit from the exercises that I share.

Therefore, a donation to support my work is always welcome. You can send it to me via PayPal_Me.


A very BIG thank you in advance!


I’m here. Simply connect!

With love & care,
Marianne de Kuyper


P.S.  Have I been able to guide you via my blogs, newsletters and/or e-courses? Is there something you wish to do in return? You can support me by allowing me to spend more time on writing e-courses. This way you also support others who could benefit from the exercises that I share. Therefore, a donation to support my work is always welcome. You can send it to me via PayPal_Me. A BIG thank you in advance!


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