Hatred of Sounds

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This is part 3 out of 5. Introduction of our Sound Champion E-course.


Like we said in the previous topic: Self-care is key to staying sane and healthy in this world full of impulses and sounds.


Self-care means more than coping mechanisms, stress management exercises and possibly therapy. It means 8 hours of sleep per night, it means exercising at least 30 minutes a day, it means being outside daily and breathing in fresh air and it means being in nature as well as it means eating healthy, fresh food that nourishes your body at every level and drinking water. The source of all life.



The fact that you have signed up for this Sound Champion course shows us that you are ready to become more aware of all aspects of your Sound Sensitivity. By signing up for this course you are making a commitment to create a change of perspective regarding triggering impulses and sounds.


Hatred of Sounds

Sound Sensitivity is officially known, as you might already know, as ‘Misophonia’ which means ‘Hatred of Sounds’. We don’t hate all sounds. We thus prefer saying: ‘Selective Sound Sensitivity’ and in this course we’ll refer to it as ‘Sound Sensitivity’.


Sound Sensitive means you get triggered by certain sounds. This creates a whole array of feelings and thoughts. You and us, ‘we’ on this course, don’t hate all sounds. We are definitely only allergic to certain triggering sounds.


… BUT … all sounds are neutral.


We know, some sounds are incredibly soothing and others can be incredibly disturbing. The crazy thing is actually, and we know this might be difficult to digest this at first, BUT … all sounds are neutral.


It’s a cycle!

Our minds got conditioned to have a certain opinion about certain sounds based on past experiences and perhaps even traumas [1] and thus we feel and behave accordingly to these. That is where we get into trouble so to speak. To guide you well, we will surely look at the cycle of ‘situation > thought > feeling > behaviour’ on this course.


Sound wishes

Do you recognize yourself in the following wishes?


So many times I have wished that the sounds would just simply stop being so incredibly painful and that people around me would understand what I am going through.
I have often wished that people, instead of making the sound again or defending themselves when I ask them to stop making a certain sound, would say: “Oh I am so sorry. Of course, I can stop making the sound. What else can I do to help you?”.

Does it sound familiar?


Ready for positive changes?

We presume that you are ready to make positive changes in your life to relieve yourself from daily stress caused by impulses and sounds around you. Would you also like to know what answer you can give when someone asks how they can serve and help you?


Sound health plan

This course will guide you towards those answers. This course will support you in speaking up and asking for the care that you need in case it is not being offered. You will create a Sound (Sensitivity) Health Plan = YOUR Sound Champion plan. All sessions leading up to these two sessions will prepare you for it.


Are you ready to become a Sound Champion? Read about it in the next topic.

Go here for part 4 out of 5. Introduction of our Sound Champion e-course.


[1] When you have experienced serious trauma or think you might have, always consult with your doctor and decide on what treatment or therapy you should follow and then please arrange the care that you need given your personal situation. I am pro-alternative healing to aid the self-healing capacity of your body. I’d advise you to look into this instead of taking medication. Don’t treat the symptoms; look at the cause of the dis-ease your body is in PLEASE.


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