Healing Sound Sensitivity

The introduction of our Sound Champion e-course has been posted as 5 blogs to give you an impression on what the e-course is about. You can purchase the e-course in our SHOP. Buy it once, it’s forever yours!

This is part 5 out of 5. Introduction of our Sound Champion E-course.


Take some time to answer the following questions, sit with them, listen to the answers. Let them flow out of you. There is no right or wrong.


What are the reasons you are doing this course?

Please answer these questions for yourself:


  • What do you struggle with the most when it comes to the topic of ‘sounds’? Is it about changing a situation, feeling, thought or habit/behaviour regarding sounds?
  • Are there any topics in particular that you would like to see covered in relationship the topic of ‘sounds’?
    What are you hoping to get out of this course?
  • How can we serve you?


The question ‘How can we serve you?’ is related to something else we’d love to hear from you:


  • What would you like the whole process of the 12 steps to be about?
  • Or in other words, what would you like to have found out by the end of the 12 steps?

Some extra questions from the perspective of Sound Sensitivity:


  • What have you done so far yourself to be able to deal with your Sound Sensitivity?
  • What is your wish regarding your Sound Sensitivity?


Stress management

We have so many more sound related questions for you and some of the above will also be repeated in the next sessions. We are looking forward to asking them all in the next sessions to help you create more awareness. If any of your needs regarding sounds aren’t addressed in this course you are welcome to contact us: info@superchangechampion.com.


Creating more awareness will be your starting point in order to handle your Sound Sensitivity in a healthy way. Do not worry if you can’t answer the questions right away. Just answer them when the answers come bubbling up to surface.


… stress management and making necessary life changes are key to being able to deal with triggering sounds.


Finally, just to make sure we understand each other well. We believe, based on research we’ve read and therapies we’ve tried, that stress management and making necessary life changes are key to being able to deal with triggering sounds.


Therefore, we aren’t promising you that your Sound Sensitivity will disappear. We want you to find out through this course what you can do yourself to relieve yourself from stress caused by your Sound Sensitivity and all impulses around you. We would also like to invite you to see the beauty in this sensitivity.


Thanks for having done today’s session. It is important to know why you are here and why you are doing this course! Well done!


What’s next?

In session 1 we will look at Your Daily Life.


Words of encouragement

Let it sink in. We will catch up with you again during the next session.


We look forward to hearing from you and do champion on!


With love and care,

Team Superchangechampion.com



Get a paper notebook. This is going to be your book for all of your notes during the course. Carry it everywhere with you, so when answers pop up, you can note them down. Feel free to write your answers on paper too (not just in the appropriate box online your course page). It is much more powerful to write it down on paper as the hand- eye coordination is said to spark creativity!


You’re done!

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