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Hello to you!


I’m Marianne. I work as an author, teacher, coach and entrepreneur and I also call myself a ‘Change Champion’ and I’m excited that you’re here!


© Superchangechampion.com. Marianne de Kuyper

“… change is something I am very familiar with!”

I have moved house more than 18 times, changed subject studies on several occasions and the longest time I have been in one particular job was 9 months. So, change is something I am very familiar with! Also, the other most recurring theme in my life is teaching. Teaching to me means setting the space for people to learn and grow as a person. And the e-course platform Super Change Champion is the result of this and it felt like the most logical step for me to take.

Regarding change; change comes with resistance. With questions like: “What have I done?” and What on earth was I thinking?”. Because the initial outcome of our wishes does not always resonate perfection from the very first moment. We need to settle down in the change in order to be able to get comfortable in the new situation, the new home, the new you! When we give ourselves time to settle in the change, something beautiful happens. At this very moment the complete process will bring us progress. It will bring understanding, acceptance, growth and love for life.


The e-courses on Super Change Champion give you the opportunity to simplify the steps towards your goal and you will experience it for yourself; Change can be easy! What makes my approach special? It is a unique approach simply because it’s mine. We are all unique and we all have our own path to follow. The blueprint that I will be sharing with you, was given to me by a coach once and I’ve been fine-tuning it over the years. I made it mine and turned it into my own unique method. It has worked for me again and again during all of those moments of change, as I hope it will work for you!

© Superchangechampion.com. Marianne de Kuyper

Last, but not least. As a creative Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), and being very sensitive to certain sounds, I love creating a life that suits my calm, quiet and highly sensitive nature in the best possible way. And I also need to! Being as free and as independent as possible and living a simple life is therefore very important to me. A life that allows me to day dream, to follow the impulses of my creative spirit and to travel abroad from time to time.


And I like going slowly! And apparently that’s also what others feel when they’re around me: a kind of serenity. My ‘tools’ to get to this state? Morning coffees (Yes, I know caffeine), reading, breathing exercises, vinyasa- and yin yoga, personal training sessions and meditations at home + long walks in the park + frequent pauses during the day.

What about you?

+ What do you love doing?
+ What inspires you?
+ What makes you jump out of bed in the morning?
+ What do you do to slow down?
+ What do you do to be stress-free?
+ What’s your view on change?
+ What would you like to change?
+ How can I support you here?

Drop me a note. I’d love to hear from you: info@superchangechampion.com.


With love and care,
Marianne de Kuyper

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