How to make change easy?

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JULY 2019. Early Bird News Update.

This Month: How to make change easy?


Dear you,


Do you also find the “What are you planning on doing with your life?” question difficult to answer? I’ll share my secrets with you on how to make decisions that are right for YOU. Yes, YOU. Not anybody else.


Allow me to explain. You will learn how to make change easy for yourself.


An ex-lover asked me recently how I was doing, what I was up to and what my plans are. For the first time in years, I realized I’m perfectly fine with not having a clear answer to that question. I know what I’m currently doing and working towards. I don’t have a plan for the years to come. I know what I want to be doing this year and I know how I’d like to achieve these goals. And for me, that’s enough!


Why is it ‘enough’ for me? I’m a ‘Change Champion’. I know my goals will change and so will my actions. What makes me a champion, is that I know how to create the right kind of change for myself. And I can teach you to do the same. Scroll down to ‘How to make change easy?’ for my tips or read on and learn from my story.


“What are you planning on doing with your life?”


What to do next? I’ve never felt comfortable with having to decide what I’m planning on doing for the next 5 to 10 years. Whenever I was asked the “What are you planning on doing with your life?” question at school and at work, my mind always went completely blank. How was I able to know what to do? And how was I able to choose from all of the options out there? I had and still have many wishes, ideas and plans and in the past it often felt very frustrating not knowing what to do next. Does it sound familiar?


When I was about 27 (I’m now 41) I asked a life coach to guide me through the quest of choosing the ‘right’ option for me. With his help I got to know my deepest wish: I wanted to study English in Cape Town. Other wishes were that I wanted to leave my home town in the Netherlands, wanted to escape the life I was living and I wanted to grow up, even though I had left the house at the age of 18. I also wanted to be on my own and I wanted to start an adventure in a place where nobody knew me yet.


I had loved Cape Town right from when I first went there after my studies when I was about 24 years. So long story short, the life coach and I spoke about my goals, I created a plan and I went. Within a year after I had started the coaching sessions, I was studying English in Cape Town. I thought it was pretty amazing how fast it all happened. That’s what I call: Change made easy!


How to make change easy? I’ve always had a lot of ideas, followed my gut feeling on what I wanted to achieve most of the times and I’ve managed to make most of my wishes come true. And I still have quite a few on my list. Thanks to that coach back then I know what steps to take and I’ve taken them again and again. I even changed it into an e-course, so we can ALL benefit from it.


How has my decision making been guiding me over the years? And how can it guide you on your path too? Read on. I’ll tell you more about it.


Tip #1.

One secret is not to look too far ahead. I just know that my goals can be completely different in a year from now. It’s about making a decision for this year and maximum 2 years. Not for my whole life. And along the way I refine my goals and the steps that I’ll need to take to get there.


Tip #2. 

Another secret and critical factor in making the right decision is how I’d like to be feeling daily. If I feel like being free, I take a day off and I do what I feel like doing. If I feel like moving, I put my running shoes on and go to the park for a run or walk. If I feel like resting, I take a nap or simple stare into space. And so on. I believe it’s about resting & playing all day long.


Tip #3.

Third secret for today. This is what I do. I don’t ‘listen’ to the world much. I’ve always followed my own path and ignored what others say I should be doing or ought to be doing. It’s my life, isn’t it? If they keep on telling me I should get a ‘real’ job, I either ask them what that means or I stop seeing these people. The latter, I find, is easiest for me. Only sometimes a little bit of a non-violent communicational  confrontation is needed to stand up for myself and stay on MY track of life.


Tip #4.

Last one for today: Choose what nourishes you. I don’t read newspapers, magazines and I don’t watch the news. I hardly check social media. It saves me a whole lot of time. I’m not oblivious to what happens in the world. From time to time I ask others: “What happened in the world that I need to know of?”. I only do tell them not to share the negative and disturbing news with me. Why? It will only upset me way too much and I can’t do much about it (yet).


“What will make me feel free TODAY?”.


So a long time ago … I decided to focus my precious time & energy on activities and people that I’d like my body, mind, heart and soul to be nourished by. I use my time to do what makes me feel as free, autonomous (self-directed) and independent (not needing or not influenced by others) as possible. These values guide me when I’m making my decisions for the day. I thus ask myself daily: “What will make me feel free TODAY?”.


Try this.

Now you.

How to make the right decisions?


  • One goal for this week. Think short (!) term.
  • One feeling to motivate your choices daily.
  • Stay true to your path. Make that commitment. Say NO to some requests and people.
  • Decide what nourishes you and do that. Leave out the rest.


It’s like we love saying here on … Change made Easy!

How to make change easy for yourself? Make the right decisions. ‘Right’ means it is YOUR decision.


I’m here for you!
I am a good listener and happen to have good ideas & advice too. Just e-mail me and drop me a line to two. I’ll get back to you for sure.


With love and care,
Marianne de Kuyper


* INSPIRED BY: Autonomous (self-directed) and independent (not needing or not influenced by others). Explanation of the terms can be found on


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