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Dear you,


When did it all start? ‘Just begin!’ explains the story from me, Marianne (founder of Superchangechampion.com) on how it all began. As a result you will also get to know why my team and I do what we do.


I, Marianne (founder of Superchangechampion.com) remember sitting at the table in a holiday cabin in Switzerland with a huge pile of white paper in front of me and a pen. I must have been 8 years old. What was I planning on doing? I wanted to become a writer and I wanted to write a book. I only had no idea about the topic.


Fast forward. I’m a Change lover. It took me another 25 years before I finally did write a book. The topic: Change! Why change? I’ve had a lot of changes in my life, created by others or by myself and I started to love CHANGE. You could say I am a ‘Change Lover’ and I’d like you and others to learn how to cope with change and start loving the process of change too. Because really, change is just that: change. It’s the only constant thing in life!


“Create a conscious relationship with yourself to create positive change within your own world & let it have a positive effect on the whole!”.


The book I wrote on change has luckily become a whole concept: Superchangechampion.com. What’s it all about? Like a very dear friend Paolo. Z. summarized it for me: “Create a conscious relationship with yourself to create positive change within your own world & let it have a positive effect on the whole!”. Thank you Paolo!


How did I get to write about change? Well, in 2010 I was doing a Yoga Teacher Training and in that time I was reading a whole lot of books on physiology, philosophy, yoga, meditation and mindfulness and I was answering a lot of reflective questions whilst doing so. I also did a lot of soul-searching during all of the individual- and group therapies and coaching sessions that I’ve followed throughout the years to find my path in life.


When I was doing the Yoga training, I felt like combining all that I was learning with what I had already been taught and offered. For example, it made me realize I had once been given very useful reflective questions by a life coach. His questions supported me in creating a plan of action to move to Cape Town to study English. I figured that since all of this had been so useful for me, and still is, that I just had to share it with you too.


Furthermore, after rereading these life coaching’s questions and after all of the internal work during the 9 months of the Yoga Teacher Training, it only felt natural that all of that knowledge, expertise and soul-searching had to be poured into something. That ‘something’ became my first draft of the Change Champion e-course. Now I don’t have any children, neither do I want any, but Superchangechampion.com has become my ‘baby’. It’s the one I jump out of bed for without a problem!


By the way, the original draft of the Change Champion e-course has been edited three times since 2010. And the big question was: “How was I going to make it available to you?”. Well that idea has changed from posting it as blogs to creating a printed book into publishing it as an e-book. Eventually it became what it is today: an e-course. For sure I will also have it presented to you as an e-book as well in the (near) future and who knows what else we’ll create to support you.


Above all it’s my goal to make sure that what we do supports us all (you, our team and myself) physically (also financially), emotionally, mentally and spiritually. There’s also so much I’d like create together with the people on the team to reach our goals, that I just can’t wait to materialize all my plans and ideas. Luckily this makes it super easy for me to jump out of bed in the morning and do my thing. I wish the same to you: do your thing!


Finally, what I learned from this whole process it that it takes time. A lot of time, patience and determination to get something of the ground. It’s like a seed. It was planted in my mind and heart somehow a long (!) time ago. Even before I had that huge pile of white paper in front of me at the age of 8. Now my ‘book’ is finally taking more shape and I still have a long way to go to make it a success for all.


I created a life that is aligned with what I want to do: read, study, write & share what I know! And I am sure and convinced you and others in our ‘tribe’ will find us and are able to do the same!


To conclude.

What I’ve learned is you just need to take one step a day to move forward on your path. You JUST need to BEGIN!


I’m here for you!
I am a good listener and happen to have good ideas & advice too. Just e-mail me and drop me a line to two. I’ll get back to you for sure.


With love and care,
Marianne de Kuyper


P.S. Martha Beck talks about our ‘tribe’ in one of my favourite books of hers:Finding your way in a wild new world‘. She explains that your tribe is already looking for what you have to offer. You just have to make it available. So here we are and you are very welcome!

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