Let the Magic Begin!

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This Month: Let The Magic Begin! SIGN UP! ⸙ Wicked Wednesday starts 22.01.2020.


Dear Champs,


Did you read the newsletter from 22/12? This is what I said in December’s letter.


“Magic onto Your (Digital) Doorstep!”


That’s what Superchangechampion.com is all about and I’m ready for all of the MAGIC I feel like creating in 2020 and onwards.


I find Magic in the books I read, the words that inspire me and motivate me and I find magic in how my life is unfolding and how I always manage to land on my feet and exactly where I need to be.


And I’m recently putting all kinds of affirmations on my kitchen wall to remind myself of the fact that there is a perfect time for everything and that all will happen in the right timing for the higher good of all. And oh yes. The other affirmation that’s there is: Everything is possible! 


“… there is a perfect time for everything and all will happen in the right timing for the higher good of all”.


And well, back to “I’m ready!”. Am I really? YES, as ready as I can be. This is what I have learned about change and working towards goals. You need to feel what it is that you’d like to do, then you need to make a choice and decide on the first step you wish to take and then … you just need to begin. So; JUST DO IT!


I have learned that we can’t know all of the steps ahead of time. And if had known for example ahead of time about all the hours of work that were needed to get an e-course platform online, I might not have started at all.


And it’s still a lot of work, but it’s the work I chose to do, and felt like doing, so it doesn’t feel like work. It feels more like I can finally have some ‘play-time’ when I am at ‘work’.


Thus; I felt that this (Super Change Champion) is what I wanted to do and thus I did it. I started, and as I was moving forward, I felt what I wanted to do next. Each step ahead of me became clearer as I started going down the road I had decided to take. What do I do whenever I feel lost? I take a break and sometimes I ask for help. We don’t have to do everything on our own ;)!


Have you noticed the theme too today? YES .. FEEL your way into things! And this topic is also part of my summary from the last Wicked Wednesday Adventure.


Tips for Change!

Here are some.


Can you FEEL it? Like a course leader of Non-Violent Communication once said:
“Is it a Yessss!!! or a clear NO?”.


Only do it when you feel it. If doors keep on opening, it’s a YES.
If things again and again don’t seem to work, we perhaps have to take this as a NO.


You will have to put in the work. Break your goal down into tiny bits.


Know what you want, make a plan and take one step per day!


Join me

Try the magic with me!

That’s it for today. Oh, not to be missed. The next round of the Wicked Wednesday Adventure starts 22.01.2020. It’s 12 weeks of fun on making change easy. EASY DOES IT! You can sign up HERE.


+ I’m here for you. If there’s anything you wish to share with me, email me: info@superchangechampion.com.

With love and care,
Marianne de Kuyper


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