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This month: Purity (Saucha): Live in the moment.

Previous months: Monthly Inspiration.


Dear Champs, 


Do you recognize the following situation? A friend is talking to you, you’re listening and when (s)he is done talking, you realise you have not heard a single word. It happens to me all the time. Somebody mentions something and within seconds, I’m lost in thought. Even though I’m a very quiet, calm person on the outside, my mind too isn’t always present in the moment I’m in. Sad, because this way I’ve wasted a precious moment with a dear friend. This way we all lose out and we don’t receive the attention we deserve. It feels like a lost chance.


Thus; … Ready for the theme of July?

Purity is what we will look at this month.


So, let’s take a look at purity closer to home.

How can you live life in a lighter, easier and freer way?


Let’s look at:

Live in the moment

Like a dear friend suggested the other day when referring to how we often speak with each other, with family & friends: “Can’t we just let each other be, and listen to each other? Can’t we just be present and actually hear what the other person has to say without all of the judgments and problem solving that everyone seems to be so damn good at?”. I totally agreed with her. The cure? Live in the moment. Be present and know that nothing needs to be solved. Active listening is the solution to solving issues. It allows you to be present and empathic and that’s all that’s needed.



Purity (Saucha) in the Yoga philosophy is about being pure in our relationships. It is about:


  • mindfully connecting with each other from a place of honesty, respect and integrity.
  • truly being present so each of us and each moment is met with dignity.
  • purifying our thoughts, words and body in order to do all of the above.


To sum up, use ‘purity’ to feel lighter, to discover the essence of what is important and to be truly present in each moment:


‘Purity asks that we make full and honest contact with the moment
so there is nothing lost and no regrets. There is no residue’
eborah Adele



What does the word ‘purity’ remind you of? Perhaps you think about being pure, being clean. This is also a big thing in the West. Especially nowadays. We’re (almost) obsessed with being clean on the inside and outside. We also like keeping our environment tidy. There’s of course nothing wrong with this cleanliness to a certain degree. Only purity in the Yoga philosophy is more than being physically clean: “Cleanliness is a process of scrubbing the outside of us: it changes the outer appearance. Purification works on our insides and changes our very essence.”,  as Deborah Adele states in her book ‘The Yamas and Niyamas’.


Wake up

The Yogis believe that by purifying the body, we can start purifying the mind. Purity thus has a high priority for them too. Why? They say we have so much more potential in us than we are currently using. The energy that we currently aren’t using is the energy of a higher consciousness that can lead to enlightenment.


The Yogis strive to release this energy and use all kinds of tools and practices to reach it. We don’t have to go all the way and we also don’t have to go and live in a cave for years, but what can you do? What can you do to feel more energised, lighter and more connected to the present moment and be purer?


‘Clean your body, clean your mind,
clean your living- and work space’
_Deborah Adele


Live in the moment

You could say: ‘Purify the body and the rest will come!’. It sure is a wise first step. What are the steps to take to live in the moment and to be more present and purer? Here are some most probably well-known tips.


  • Move daily and for at least half an hour.
  • Move every 2 to 3 hours anyway. Get up and do something.
  • Work-out 2 to 3 times a week at least to keep your body strong, fit, vital and thus healthy.
  • Consume healthy and pure food and drinks.
  • Drink enough water.
  • Keep your living space clean and clear of clutter.
  • Empty out your house; only keep what you truly need.
  • Reduce your (work-)load.
  • Take frequent breaks.
  • Do completely nothing sometimes.
  • Make yourself do less; less “I have to…” and more “I’d love to …”.
  • Allow yourself more time on your own (Me-time).
  • Focus on one task and stop multi-tasking.
  • Be honest out of respect for both. Honest, not rude.
  • Speak in a non-violent way.
  • Let things just be.
  • Just be present.
  • Just be.


Reduce the load

To be more present and to allow ourselves to just be, it essential to reduce the (work-) load. If your agenda is overflowing with tasks, your mind is for sure going to be overflowing too. This is not going to help you at all with being present. It will only make you race through life, forgetting to actually be present in all of these moments.


‘If we rush, we are basically throwing precious moments away, thus:
Whatever form purifying takes, it always begins with an intention
to ‘lighten’ the load that we are carrying’
_ Deborah Adele.


Some examples.


  • Multitasking? Stop doing this. Do one thing a day for your near future and be happy with that.
  • Being overweight? Get support, go and work-out and change your life-style.
  • Head full of angry thoughts? Move from anger into inspiration and use this energy in a more constructive way.
  • ….


Now you.


  • What is this ‘load’ for you?
  • And what can you do about it?
  • What can you already do today?
  • How much lighter will this make you feel?


To conclude, purity; it truly is about making us think about how we can live a lighter, easier, freer life. It is about making us realise how we can live from a place of honesty, respect and integrity for ourselves and our environment.

Take a rest, purify yourself and find a life rhythm that works for you. Those are the 3 ingredients for a balanced life and this is also the central thought behind all that I offer to you via I’d love you to live a FREE & EASY life. Go for it please! 🙂


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