Map of life

The introduction of our Change Champion e-course has been posted as 4 blogs to give you an impression on what the e-course is about. You can purchase the e-course in our SHOP. Buy it once, it’s forever yours!

This is part 2 out of 4. Introduction of our Change Champion e-course.


We are very happy to welcome you to the first topic of the introduction of our Change Champion course:


‘Change affects every area of our lives’.


Signing up for this course shows us that you are ready to move forward on your path, to create a change of perspective and that you are ready to embrace some changes in your life.


This session has a longer introduction and a shorter exercise than the next sessions.


Map of life

Today, we’ll introduce you to the 12 steps of the course to becoming a Change Champion. On this course we will move from knowing your current position on the ‘map of life’ to eventually planning your dream life and in the meantime, we would like to invite you to enjoy the process of change.


From our personal experience, we know how challenging change can be. We would like to let you know we are here with you and we are looking forward to guiding you through this journey.


You will receive the necessary steps that you can start implementing right away; begin flowing through changes and life with much more ease. It is our gift to you.


Change affects every area of our lives

Change affects every area of our lives. That is why we are offering you a framework, call it a ‘blueprint’, to acknowledge how changes in the past have brought you to where you are today. Your past accomplishments create a jumping board for your near future steps. This will move you forward to a more desirable outcome.


In an ideal world our lives would be perfect, right? [1] Also, in an ideal world overnight success would exist, someone else will know all the answers to our questions and we will only experience the highs, not the lows and of course we would never make any mistakes. Sadly enough it doesn’t work like this.


Enjoy the journey

We would like you to enjoy the journey towards the goals that you have. We would like you to enjoy the whole process. We would like you to experience that all the ups and downs in life make us feel alive.


We would also like to you to learn from each step you take, even when it doesn’t go as expected. We would love for you to celebrate all your successes, even the small ones. We believe that all of your accomplishments need to be acknowledged and celebrated during the process of change.


A true Change Champion

Most of all we would like you to find your own answers to questions you have about what direction you’d like your life to go and we would like you to make choices that are aligned with your vision. By revisiting the reason why you are on a specific path towards a certain goal you will get there. You will reach your goal, and then you will have a new goal to go after. Understanding the process of change and going for it will make you a true Change Champion.


We also strongly believe that by knowing how to deal with change and how to invite it into your life, you can create a life that aligns your wishes, intentions, dreams and goals, with your life’s principles and values. You will then feel whole, alive and life will feel 99% perfect.


Our courses get you going in the right direction for sure and give you the opportunity to work on a specific topic in 12 steps. Change in this case. In each of our courses sessions you will receive an introduction to the topic, exercises and useful tips and/or links. In addition, we also strive to give all our courses the same lay-out and set up to make you feel ‘at home’ and welcome.


Go here for part 3 out of 4. Introduction of our Change Champion e-course.


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