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Dear you,


I’m happy to introduce you to the ‘Meet a champion’ blog. It’s about how we, in different parts of the world, look at the topic of ‘Change’.


In this blog: Marianne de Kuyper from Amsterdam in The Netherlands. I share my thoughts on change with you. I’ve learned that you can change the situation you are in. You simply got to take action! Here’s my story.


Marianne de Kuyper

Time to meet a champion.

  • What’s your name? Marianne de Kuyper
  • Where were you born?  Delft, The Netherlands
  • Where do you currently live? Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • What do you do in daily life? I founded and run and I work as a freelance writer and Yoga teacher.


What does change mean to you?

Change is about listening to that voice inside of us and following our gut feeling. It means that we listen to our intuition and that even though some of the things we find there might scare us, we move forward anyway. It’s about getting clear what we feel, what we think and what we want to do and to then do that. I believe it’s the fear for the unknown that’s holding us back. I also know that when we don’t listen to ourselves, we’ll often hit rock bottom before we get truly honest with ourselves. When we let things get that far, there is no other way than up. You’ll then also know that you have experienced the worst part. However it doesn’t need to be that harsh. We can prevent such a rigorous fall and rise by tapping into our feelings and simply taking the time to listen to the messages that we receive from our inner world and to then act on those messages. That’s what positive change means to me.


What is the biggest change you’ve experienced in your life?

Moving to Amsterdam and everything that happened by doing so was the biggest change I’ve experienced. As soon as I moved here at the age of 31, I felt at home. Even though I was nervous about starting my life in a new city, I was thrilled and excited. I had done it before. I had lived in Cape Town and Madrid, but moving to the capital city in the country where I was born, felt more permanent. And I knew this is also what I had longed for.


What did it bring you? What did you learn from it?

My move to Amsterdam allowed me to start a new chapter in my life. Nobody knew me here yet, so I had given myself a fresh start and I was able to reinvent myself. From the moment I moved I made new friends, took up a new education, started a new profession and found the love of my life with whom I moved in within 2 months of knowing each other. Everything suddenly seemed to move forward smoothly and easily.


What was needed to create this change?

A lot of frustration before I dared to take action. I felt trapped in the city where I lived before I moved to Amsterdam. I also often felt very lonely, depressed and desperate. It always felt like I didn’t belong where I was raised and I just didn’t find the right path for me. I always refer to it as being on the wrong stage. Thus I first had to hit rock-bottom so to speak before I found the courage to say: NO MORE OF THIS! I resigned my job, subletted my house, packed my bag, moved to another Amsterdam and started all over again from scratch.


What would you like to change in the world?

I like playing with words. I’d like to Create an Honest Attitude with Gratitude for Life. I’d like to inspire people to change the way we behave towards each other. Not from fear. I’d like it to be from love. To live and let live and to be grateful for what we have and what we can share with each other. is here because of that. It allows me to initiate change at a personal level.  It’s here to initiate and create a ‘peacemakers’ mind-set. It’s here to support people to create more self-care, to feel more self-love by inviting people to partake in honest self-reflection. Why? Because I know when I consciously change my thoughts, my feelings change for the better and also my behaviour changes positively and that will affect the whole.


What’s your advice to others on the topic of change?

It’s about realizing that our basic needs are Universally the same. We only choose different strategies to fulfil them. When choosing how to approach life, I’d like us all to live life with the knowledge that we are all one, that we all have our own truths and that we accept, respect and love each other’s different approaches. When changing something in your life, I’d like to advise you to feel for yourself again and again (to feel for = to have compassion  for) and to feel the appreciation and LOVE for your inner- and outer world and let that be your starting point. Self-worth comes first!


Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

Change can feel scary, it can also feel very liberating. I know it’s often fear that’s holding us back and the only way forward is to go through it. In hindsight you’ll then see you were able to it and that it took time, patience and courage. I know you will then feel proud for what you’ve accomplished and you’ll feel like a champion!

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