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Super Change Champion


This month: New look & feel + More coming up! 🌵


“I go to nature to be
soothed and healed,
and to have my senses
put in order.”

_John Burroughs


! Most well-read quote and post on my NEW account:
Instagram @_superchangechampion

Dear Champs,


The look & feel of my Instagram account has changed so many times, AND … finally I’ve got the neat & clean cut I was looking for.

It just happened. I went onto and started playing with the design that I had already made for and then it was clear to me. Why not copy that brand’s ‘signature’ and slightly adapt it?

Just as easy! We don’t have to overcomplicate things when it’s not needed, right?

This is what I wanted the mood board for to be like all along. Will you have a look and tell me what you think of it? You can see it here @_superchangechampion (Instagram).


And what’s more? I also owe you an apology.

Due to my move ( – let’s hope just temporarily -) from Mallorca (Spain) back to Amsterdam I’ve been very busy offline, but not online. And I’ve not had the time to send you this newsletter on time, let alone have the Yearly Walkabout session ready for July. This session will be published before the 19th of this month and my apologies for being late!


Moving house, which I’ve done about 32 times in 42 years, isn’t always easy! The packing, cleaning and moving took me about a whole 2 weeks and then the unpacking, cleaning and getting everything back in place at ‘home’ took me another week. It’s only since this 2nd week at ‘home’ that I’ve actually had the energy to go back online.

And on Mallorca I lived on a mountain where I had to climb a tree to get a good Wi-Fi connection, which made me decide to just let it all be until I would be back in Amsterdam, which is now. And now I’ve a backlog of To-Do’s causing delays still.


And what I’ve learned from moving house too, apart from it taking a lot of time & effort, is just like an African saying (proverb) goes. I can’t find the exact words anymore, BUT… it comes down to this. My physical body is here in Amsterdam, but it feels like my soul still needs to arrive. I feel fragmented. And it will take time to fully arrive.

I didn’t want to leave Mallorca. I wanted to stay. BUT … in order to be able to go there again for a longer period of time, a couple of things need to be arranged first ‘at home’ in Amsterdam. This is how it goes with goals; there isn’t always a fast lane ;)!


Also, Amsterdam … it doesn’t necessarily feel like home anymore. On Mallorca I lived in a small cottage in a natural park with views over the surrounding mountains, where I could hear the bird twitter all day and where I could see the sun- and moon rise and set. And I was outside from early morning until late at night.

And there I noticed what the quote above states so beautifully. After having lived in a crowded city (Amsterdam) for about 10 years now, I’m ready for that move to Mallorca. I’m ready to live a more quiet, peaceful life without all kinds of distracting impulses and sounds. And it took 4 trips to the island to actually feel this need. Change does take time!

And … am I certain about moving house? No.
Do I still have doubts? Yes.
Am I nervous about it? Yes.
Will I go anyway? Yes!!!


Coming back to the backlog of work. 

Working as a solo-entrepreneur is what I chose to do, and I wouldn’t want it otherwise, AND … it also means I do everything myself and I need to give myself the necessary kick under the butt from time to time. Which I gladly do. I love being my own boss, deciding on when I work and what I work on. And I do this all for you and me.


How about you?

Where do you feel most at home?
What do you do to feel soothed and healed?
Where do you feel your senses are being put in order?


We all bring our own unique energy into the world, so how about yours? I would truly love YOU to put YOUR talents into the world in a shape and form that suits YOU.

And I’d like it to be something that you have tried & tested yourself, like I’ve done with my e-courses. There must be something you feel needs to be shared with the people around you that only you can do.


With that IT, I’d love to help you. I would love to guide you on how to become a solo-entrepreneur. Really. Do what you feel like doing. Don’t do what others believe you should do.

Your time is precious. What are you planning on doing with it? Feel free to email me about it:


This is my offer! In case you need to have your butt kicked gently, my offer still stands.

INVITE | Coaching sessions
5 x 60-minute coaching calls for €250 excl. 21% in total.
This offer is valid until July 31st, 2020.


More coming up! 

// July’s PDF on ‘Shaucha’. It literally means purity, cleanliness and clearness. It refers to purity of mind, speech and body. Tips and tricks on how to do this in daily life can be found in July’s blog + self-inquiry exercises (PDF)!
~ Online July 19th on the VIP page.

// July’s PDF + all others from January – June are available as an e-course + e-books. One new theme each month for more self-growth.
~ Get access here: Yearly Walkabout E-course. 


I’m here. Simply connect!


With love & care,
Marianne de Kuyper


P.S.  Have I been able to guide you via my blogs, newsletters and/or e-courses? Is there something you wish to do in return? You can support me by allowing me to spend more time on writing e-courses. This way you also support others who could benefit from the exercises that I share. Therefore, a donation to support my work is always welcome. You can send it to me via PayPal_Me. A BIG thank you in advance!


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