Rest and play

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Super Change Champion


This Month: Rest and play is the way! 🌈


“Rest until you feel like playing,
then play until you feel like resting.
Never do anything else!”_Martha Beck.


Dear Champs,

I’m reading my all-time favourite book for the 4th time ‘Finding Your Way in a Wild New World’ from Martha Beck. Why? I love her playful exercises on how to discover our talents as healers and menders and I love her approach to life.


This is how it goes.
You play (work) when you feel like it and you rest (doesn’t necessary mean sleep) when you need to. Simple and oh so effective and if you don’t listen it will go like I experienced it this week.

What happens when you don’t listen to the signs? Well, …the funny thing is, when I was trying to finish writing this month’s newsletter and tried posting a blog, everything seemed to go wrong and upset me. I dropped my big and heavy gemstone on my laptop, programs on my screen didn’t want to open and Wi-Fi wasn’t working. The Universe clearly told me … “Have a break. REST!”. So, I finally surrendered to that and lied down in our hammock. Playing simply didn’t feel like playing, so I needed to rest.


Work isn’t meant to feel like work, but like you’re playing. And I’ve been applying Martha’s play & rest approach to life as long as I can remember. Even before she wrote about it, I had made it mine already. I only don’t always manage to listen well to it ;).

In general, it means I don’t follow a structure that’s known to most of us. Like another hero of mine, Susannah Conway states in her course on how to run a heartfelt business: “My structure is that I’ve NO structure!”. I recognize that too. Sometimes I’m in a work-frenzy for days to do completely nothing for a couple of days right after.


Work-Frenzy examples from this last month …

Last week I put the monthly inspirational blogs online as the Yearly Walkabout E-course. So, you get to enjoy the blogs and e-books, not only on the VIP Room page, but also as an e-course. It allows you to have a peek behind the scene and you get to try the e-learning platform almost for free*.

Do you care about what I do? Go have a look: Yearly Walkabout E-course.  
I’ve added some playful names to the donation-buttons for the fun of it :)!

I also designed an e-book for the Change Champion E-course and I put it online for the members. Are you choosing a study? Looking for a career change? Or thinking of setting up your own business? The Change Champion e-course is an excellent starting point. And also, I’ve added some playful names to the sliding scales (€) that will hopefully work for your budget.

Curious? Go have a look: Change Champion E-course.

Furthermore, I also created Mind-Map It. It’s a 1-on-1 coaching program that you can do with me via WhatsApp + phone calls. And you will receive a complementary e-book at the end so, you can keep on tracking your progress. Soon online!

And the Sound Champion Course for sound-sensitive people is going to be revamped + reposted next. Soon online too!


Tell me, what’s an e-course worth? I know how much work has gone in and that I keep on putting in it. All out of love and just because I FEEL I need to do this kind of work. I also know that what I’m sharing with you is knowledge I’ve gained ever since my first therapy session when I was 22 and seriously depressed. I’m now 42. And I have sat in the fire many times, sometimes I still do, and I’ve tried everything I am sharing with you. I know that the tools I am giving you on the e-courses have supported me again and again and so will you.

But … how much is it worth to you?
Thus, to help us with the ‘What’s it worth?’ – challenge, I came up with ‘Sliding Scales’.

Just like another hero of mine, Andrea Scher does. Simply put: “Sliding scale fees are variable prices for products, services, or taxes based on a customer’s ability to pay. Such fees are thereby reduced for those who have lower incomes, or alternatively, less money to spare after their personal expenses, regardless of income. Sliding scale fees are a form of differential pricing”. (Wikipedia)


Back to following no structure whatsoever.

An example from my life. This month I moved house for the 32nd time in my life. I’m now 42 years old. And moving house is becoming my 10.000 hours skill.

And having moved house so many times, across borders even, definitely made me a “Change Champion as a dear friend of mine once put it. This well-deserved title gave me the idea for by the way back in 2018 when we were in Mozambique.

My ‘Play & Rest’ + ‘No structure = My structure’ lifestyle also means I can + only want to work as a FREElancer, so I decide on my hours and the ‘structure’ of my days. And it made me decide on 3 values I want to live my life by: Freedom, Independence + Autonomy.


And like Beautiful Chorus sings in ‘My Little Light’: Free & Easy!


How about you?
Ready to revamp your life?
Need a kick-under-the-butt?
Or a gentle nudge forward?


I’m here for you. It’s really not as hard as you think.
I’m able to get you well on your way to being a Change Champion too.

Simply e-mail me for a free 20-minute call.


With love & care,

Marianne de Kuyper


P.S.  Have I been able to guide you via my blogs, newsletters and/or e-courses? Is there something you wish to do in return? You can support me by allowing me to spend more time on writing e-courses. This way you also support others who could benefit from the exercises that I share. Therefore, a donation to support my work is always welcome. You can send it to me via PayPal_Me. A BIG thank you in advance!


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