Same Same, but different!

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Super Change Champion


This month: Same Same, but different! 🤫



“Downsize it all,
to upgrade it all.”


Dear Champs,


Remember the questions I asked in the previous newsletter (February)? 

+ What can you choose to start doing as of now?
+ What does your SOUL want?

What are my answers to these questions?

I must admit, I don’t ‘know’ that much lately. I don’t feel that much lately either. What I do know is, that I feel things really need to change and be done differently. By me, by others and the world.

Thus, the above questions are tricky questions. I know.
I also don’t always know what to choose or want.

What do I when I feel lost, can’t find answers or feel unmotivated?

I stop doing what I am doing. And go for a walk, or at least outside. And my solution lately? Gardening!

I have been working in the garden a lot. Just because I love being active physically, I love being outdoors and I love feeling the sun and wind on my skin. And working in the garden helps me ground and clear my mind.

Downsize it all, to upgrade it all

Step by step and a few hours each day I work in the garden to clear it. And I noticed that my way of working is very intuitive. I don’t make plans. I just begin somewhere and then feel what’s needed. I also liked the metaphor it ( – working in the garden – ) gave me. 

I need to downsize what I have online, in order to upgrade my offering. Just like how I was clearing the bush behind my house. I need to do that online now.

Walk & Talk

It also made me realize that this approach can be used for how I wish to work. When I am in Amsterdam ( – I’m on Mallorca now – ), I normally go for a Walk & Talk with a friend when one of us (or both of us) feels lost.

We walk, we talk and solutions come up. I haven’t got it all figured out before I begin a walk with a friend or client. And afterwards I don’t need to do anything either, as everything will have been worked through on the walk. Now, that’s an easy way of doing things, isn’t it? It even works when I go on a walk myself without someone else.

Easy & Effortlessly

It also made me think that an e-course platform doesn’t make sense in that light.

I don’t like being inside all day.
I don’t like reading online.
I don’t like researching things online.
I don’t even like being online for all the PR stuff.

I just like beginning somewhere and making it as easy & effortlessly as possible.

Online to offline?!

I also realized I can’t even learn online myself.
I simply don’t like reading online.

I need to be able to mark things with a coloured pen.
I like the feeling of paper in my hand.
I need to be able to browse through the pages.
I like being able to take my books + notes everywhere.

Only the printable e-books currently offer us that option. 
Thus … it doesn’t actually make sense at all that I started an e-course platform.

It doesn’t even work for me. How can it work for you?

My attention span lately?
Not more than 10 minutes.

What do I do myself if I need input?
I talk to a dear friend or listen to a video of max. 15 minutes.

_____ needs to change.

And as a friend said and laughed:

“You TRULY are a change champion! You keep changing, adjusting and fine-tuning things
until you feel you are where you need to be. And perhaps you will then change it again!”. 

It makes sense to change I have changed since I started it in 2018.

The world is changing.
We are changing.
Our motivation to do things is changing.

Same Same, but different!

I feel at least that ALL that I created in the last 2 years needs to change., +

All of it needs to go into one website.
In a SIMPLE way. Why?

It feels like the jungle behind my house.
The content is still what I wish to share with you, but the shape needs to change.
Just like the shape of my garden.

Same Same, but different is going to be my motto for the next couple of months. Everything I have put online in the last 2 years will need to go offline this year.

I will rebuild the platform behind the scene and then launch the new platform when I feel I have been able to downsize what I have got right now, and when I feel we’re all ready for the upgrade. I also need to be ready for that. It’s a process. It will take some months.

I will get there!

I only first have some more weeding to do in my garden and in my head. Speak to you soon again. 

I’m here. Simply connect!

With love & care,
Marianne de Kuyper


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