Selective Sound Sensitivity

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This is part 2 out of 5. Introduction of our Sound Champion E-course.


Dear you,


Welcome to this part of the introduction (Selective Sound Sensitivity) on the Sound Champion Course. We are delighted that you are here!


You are so brave. Daring to look at Sound Sensitivity in depth with this Sound Champion Course is going to be a challenge at times and also very liberating.


Selective Sound Sensitivity

Now even when you haven’t been officially diagnosed with Selective Sound Sensitivity (Misophonia), this course can still be interesting for you.


It is said that silence and quietness are soon going to be luxuries in this world full of impulses and sounds. We live in a busy world. On top of that, we make our daily lives overly and unnecessarily busy ourselves too sometimes. In the very near future, more and more of us will definitely crave for silence and quietness and some of us already do.


Healthy life choices

Also, in case you have been diagnosed with AD(H)D or a type of Autism for example, this course can also be interesting for you! Surely you are already in the process of making appropriate healthy life choices daily regarding impulses and sounds. The next steps will help you so much further on that path.


If you are familiar with a burn-out, this will have given your nervous system a blow for sure. For you it will be viably important as well to take better care of yourself by limiting the amount of impulses and sounds that you will have to digest in a day.


For all of you and especially for the Sound Sensitive people among you, read on.


Triggering sound

As soon as you begin to have more awareness on what is happening inside of you regarding what is called ‘a triggering sound’, you will be able to start making positive changes in your daily life.


We will vary the words that we use to refer to these troubling sounds. Sometimes for example we will refer to them by saying ‘triggering sounds’ as that is what happens. Certain sounds trigger something in you. On this course we will look at what that ‘something’ is.


Cure for misophonia

This awareness will hopefully support you in being less affected by sounds that trouble you or to at least help you find ways to deal with them in a much healthier and balanced way.


‘Hopefully’ as we can’t predict the results of this course. Even though we wish with our whole heart and soul that we could take your Sound Sensitivity away, we cannot.


In case there was a cure, we would tell you straight away. But we can’t hand you a cure. What we have learned from individual- and group therapy regarding Sound Sensitivity is that self-care is key to staying sane and healthy in this world full of impulses and sounds. Thus, let us look at self-care in the next topic!


Go here for part 3 out of 5. Introduction of our Sound Champion e-course.


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