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Super Change Champion


This month: Short & Sweet 🐠



“We must be willing
to give up the life we’ve planned,
so we can live the life
that’s waiting for us.”

_Joseph Campbell


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Dear Champs,


Like I said previously, I LOVE being my own boss. How about you?


This newsletter is short & sweet in contrast to the one from July on the new look & feel. Missed it? You can read it HERE by the way .

In July I had so much to share with you. We’ve had exciting times. And it’s continuing to be so. On a personal level, but also collectively speaking.

Who knows what’s going to happen, right? Trust your intuition, that’s all I can say for now. LISTEN to your body, it knows things before the mind can grasp it. I’ve learned this again and again these months.


Anyway … to keep it short & sweet this time. 

I’m in Amsterdam now.
Mallorca will hopefully happen soon again.
And for now it’s like Joseph Campbell’s quote goes …

“We must be willing to give up the life we’ve planned,
so we can live the life that’s waiting for us.”


How about you?

What had you planned on doing this month of August?
What’s actually happening?
What (or who) do you feel is waiting for you?
Where do you feel most at home? 
Where do you feel like a fish in water?
What will you do with these insights?


Your time is precious.
What are you planning on doing with it?
Feel free to email me about it:


With love & care,
Marianne de Kuyper


I’m here. Simply connect!


With love & care,
Marianne de Kuyper


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