Sometimes you simply got to do it!

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AUGUST 2019. Early Bird News Update.

This Month: Sometimes you simply got to do it!


Dear Champ,


‘Champ’, because I believe we’re all Champions already. We ALL have gifts (… skills we’re naturally good at) that we can share with the world. That’s why from now on it’s going to be: ‘Dear Champ’. Thus; hello to you!


It’s also time for a another and new newsletter to you; a new format and slightly different angle for its content. It’s time to start speaking my truth. Meaning I’ll be sharing with you what’s on my mind and in my heart. And by doing so I hope to give you an honest perspective on my personal process of change which you can hopefully benefit from.


Why this change in my approach? I’m currently doing The Inside Story e-course from Susannah Conway on how to run a heart-centred business. I won a free spot (‘scholarship’ as she calls it) and her e-course is exactly what I needed.


I was feeling stuck regarding how to promote my work and her e-course is giving me insights in how to set up my online business, how to run it and how to maintain it with honesty, integrity and love. And I LOVE taking her e-course. She gave us the 6 sessions and additional material in one go and I’m pacing myself to go through it all. This is the approach I also chose for the e-courses that I wrote for you.


The Insight Story e-course has confirmed to me that I’m on the right track, even though a lot of what she’s teaching isn’t necessarily completely new to me. I see it as a confirmation of what I already knew and it has convinced me to move on. I share the same perspective with her and that feels really good. Her e-course is also giving me a whole lot of ideas to put into practice. And I’m sure you’ll see more results of that in the upcoming months; Yeah! is basically a solopreneur’s business and one-woman show. And even though I’ve lovely people supporting me from time to time, I’ll have to pace myself here too. There’s simply so much I can do in a day. Thus, I play (work) when I feel inspired and I rest when I need to*.


Hopefully my e-courses will inspire you too. I hope they’ll also give you that necessary kick-under-the-butt from time to time and a loving pat on the shoulder to reassure you that ALL will happen in the right timing and for the higher good of all**.


I often hear myself explain to others that what’s in the e-course really isn’t too difficult. Just like the e-course I’m taking now. It’s not difficult. I just have to put in the work. The same counts for you. And in the e-course that I‘ve designed for you, I’ve simplified the steps that you can take to change what you’d like to change.


To conclude.


My aim? As I said to Susannah when applying for the free spot on her course: “Being an introvert, highly sensitive (hsp) and having to deal with Misophonia (selective sound sensitivity), I’d love to work from home and do what I love doing most: reading, studying, writing and sharing what I know via e-courses. Home is my cave, my safe haven and it’s most natural to me to work on my own. I’d like to grow my business so I can be an independent woman covering my own expenses. The rent needs to be paid, but I’m not in it for the money. is my newest online business and I’d like it to support me, not only financially, but also and especially mentally, emotionally and spiritually”. 


The only questions left for now are:
What’s your aim and are you ready for some change?
Ready? Then leap!


I’m here for you!
I am a good listener and happen to have good ideas & advice too. Just e-mail me and drop me a line to two. I’ll get back to you for sure.


With love and care,
Marianne de Kuyper


* INSPIRED BY: Martha Beck’s book: Finding Your Way in a Wild New World.
** INSPIRED BY: Marc Allen’s book: The Magical Path.


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