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The introduction of our Sound Champion e-course has been posted as 5 blogs to give you an impression on what the e-course is about. You can purchase the e-course in our SHOP. Buy it once, it’s forever yours!

This is part 4 out of 5. Introduction of our Sound Champion E-course.


Ready to become a Sound Champion? Check our insights on this page and as a result you will know what steps we have prepared for you.


Knowing how to deal with triggering sounds and knowing how to relieve yourself from the daily stress caused by all of the impulses and sounds around us, would be so very welcome for all of us who experience Selective Sound Sensitivity.


… not all sounds hurt.


We have been saying ‘selective’ a few times here already and we do that on purpose, since not all sounds hurt. There are also sounds out there that you for sure appreciate and love listening too. We will look at this too on the course.


Past, present and future

It is our goal to make you become aware of how Sound Sensitivity affected you in the past, how it affects you today and what you could do yourself to be less affected by it in the future.


We can’t make your Sound Sensitivity disappear, even though we truly would love to do that for you, however we can look at what you can do yourself to deal with it in a much healthier way and how you can live a more balanced life.


Are you ready to become a Sound Champion?

Let’s see. Answer these questions below:


  • Would you like to know how your daily life is influenced by Sound Sensitivity?
  • Would you like to become more aware of how certain stressors affect you physically, emotionally and mentally?
  • Would you like to know more about when and how your Sound Sensitivity possibly started?
  • Would you like to find out what positive changes you can invite into your life to live a more healthy and balanced life in a world full of impulses and sounds?
  • Would you like to know what you can do to be less affected by sounds?
  • Would you like to know what self-care tools you can use to soothe your system?
  • Would you like to know how you can have a healthier relationship with sounds?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you are definitely ready to start taking the steps that we have prepared for you.


How will we support you here?

Over the next 12 sessions, you’ll receive steps that you can start implementing right away to begin flowing through life with much more ease. Each session will have assignments on Sound Sensitivity. It will be a lot of work, but it will be worth the effort. Work steadily and do allow yourself BREAKS!


Sound Champion steps

You will take 12 steps with us on this course to becoming a Sound Champion.


Introduction. ( … this is where we are today!)


  1. Your Daily Life.
  2. What Happens? Your Bodily Sensations.
  3. What Else Happens? Your Feelings & Thoughts.
  4. What’s Your Story? Your Sound Sensitivity Story. (Genetics, Environment, Genetics)
  5. Coping Mechanism.
  6. Self-Care. Your Stress Management Tools.
  7. Self-Care. Time For A Break.
  8. How To Stay Focused?
  9. Your Sound Sensitivity Story (The hidden message).
  10. Ready for the WORLD!
  11. Sound Champion Plan.
  12. Keep on Experimenting.


A few more things.




Course overview

We think it is easiest to do the course in the order that we created for you. However, you can also go straight to the most relevant step for you. You can see the topics in your Course Content Overview. This course is what we call a ‘living document’. This means that you can keep on adding answers and keep on writing down your thoughts every step of the way.


Your subconscious mind

Once you start on this journey, your subconscious mind will be giving you answers when you are not working on a specific question. You will be given answers by your mind, your heart and your soul when you least expect it. This can be at any random moment during your day, whilst having a shower, doing the dishes, talking to a friend or whilst being on your way to work. Don’t forget to listen to the signs you are given by your subconscious mind. Make a mental note of them or even better, write them down in a notebook!


Allow yourself time. There is no rush and remember, it is about progress and not about perfection. Sometimes a session might take you 15 minutes and another day it might take you 2 hours or even 2 days.



Go here for part 5 out of 5. Introduction of our Sound Champion e-course.


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