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A new e-course called [Sensitivity Champion] is in the making: ‘Balanced in Pleasure: Making your Sensitivity work for you. How to embrace, embody and balance your masculine and feminine energies to harness your sensitivity as the true superpower it is!’ [1]. Soon online in our SHOP. Get on our Early Bird list to be notified when it goes live!

Each healer that contributes to the course, will be asked to introduce us to the next healer. This way we will get introduced to gifted healers and teachers around the world who can help us create a new perspective on being Sound- and/or Highly Sensitive. On this page you are introduced to Oliver James Jenkin’s view on the topic of sensitivity and healing.


Dear Champion,


The first session on the [Sensitivity Champion] e-course is written by Oliver James Jenkin from Who’s Oliver and how did we get to know him?


Oliver James Jenkin is an energy/sound healer and meditation teacher based in Devon, England. He has helped people embrace their Sound Sensitivity alongside other therapeutic work within his professional practice.


Have you ever used a meditation app? I found Oliver’s meditations on Insight Timer. I, Marianne started listening to his meditations as often as I could and I also took his course ‘Learn to trust your emotions‘. I keep on listening to it almost daily, because I noticed it has a deeply calming effect on me.


I continued creating moments of inquiry by following his meditations online and I do this especially when I feel extremely anxious, angry and/or tired from all of the impulses and sounds around me. I find his voice soothing, his words calming and I particularly like the loving energy that can be felt by just listening to his voice. It’s like he’s in the room with me and telling me that everything will be all right. Like he says on many of his meditations: “It’s all simple really. We breathe in. We breathe out. That’s all it takes!” He will help you move from anxiety back to love!


I not only feel like doing his meditations daily, I also strongly felt that I want to share his work with you and that I wanted to collaborate with him in some way. That’s why I for example mention his work regularly on the Sound Champion Course and I decided to contact him. Why? I came up with the idea to ask him about what he believes Sound Sensitivity is.


Guess what? He and many other people that I’ve recently spoken with are all too familiar with it. That’s when the idea for a new course arose: Sensitivity Champion. I spoke with Oliver and in the first session of the new course ‘Sensitivity Champion’, he shares his views on being highly (sound) sensitive with us.


And each healer that contributes to this course, will be asked to introduce us to the next healer, and this way we will all get introduced to gifted healers and teachers around the world that can help us create a new perspective on being (Sound) Sensitive.


Sound Sensitivity to Sound Sensuality through Mindful Response.


What’s essential to Oliver’s contribution? He lets us move from Sound Sensitivity to Sound Sensuality through a mindful response. He will share his views with you, give you 3 tips on how to deal with your (Sound) Sensitivity and on how to see it as a gift. You will also be able to listen to a meditation from him.


Here’s a piece of Oliver’s contribution: 


“Sound Sensitivity to Sound Sensuality through Mindful Response.

By Oliver Jenkin from


Is it Sound Sensitivity that we are suffering from or is it Sound Sensuality that we are missing? It was Shakespeare who said “Flowers are like the pleasures of the world [1]”. It interests me that if we are mistaking auditory flowers for auditory weeds, and are focusing on how unpleasant we find them, how can we change the way we mindfully “feel” sound.


Sound Sensitivity

Not all sounds appear as flowers and not all sounds are easily enjoyed, I concede. However, there is a wealth of irritation, anger, distraction and more that so many readily experience in response to particular sound stimuli. I want to acknowledge this to you – the reader, that Sound Sensitivity is at best unpleasant and at worst mind bending. It’s what we are bending our minds away from that I would like to focus on.


“Flowers are like the pleasures of the world”


Place of peace

The quote above reminds me how the things that cause us disgust have a gem inside them, and that when we soften to them, we unlock an experience and a knowing of ourselves which heals and unfolds a place of peace right from within us.”


Would you like to know more? The course will go live soon via our SHOP. It will go live with 3 course sessions and the entire course will have 12 sessions in total from 12 different healers and teachers from around the world.


Would you like to connect with Oliver? For more information about his meditations and healing practice please contact


We look forward to connecting with you once it goes live!


With love and care,
Marianne de Kuyper


[1] Course introduction text is written by Bex from
[2] Quote found on


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