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Super Change Champion


This Month: Take a break ( … linked to Enough is Enough😝)


“He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough.” _Lao Tzu


Dear Champs,

I started the blogs on Monthly Inspiration, which are part of the Yearly Walkabout course, in January 2020 and funny enough, each topic has been so relevant for the month I was writing it in.

It might be good to know that these blogs are reposts of blogs that I had available on another platform of mine that I took offline. I realised I was writing more about personal development than Yoga, so basically Yinyogawithmarianne.com got transformed into Mariannedekuyper.com and Superchangechampion.com.


Now who would have thought that the blog title ‘Enough is Enough‘ that I came up with back in 2015 and I am using now as well, would be so relevant for TODAY? Most of us are at home in Lockdown Mode. And the theme of ‘Enough is Enough’ never before has been as relevant as it is today. You can read the blog here.

This is the way I see it. You may disagree. I believe that the current global circumstances can be compared to a burn-out. It goes like this. This is a piece taken from the Slow Down Champion course that I’m currently editing. And soon online, I hope!


So, here’s my view on ‘Enough is Enough’ and Lockdown Mode.


___”Stop rushing before it is too late PLEASE! This is the way it works. Imagine your body is like a radio. In case you keep on rushing through life, this ‘radio’ of yours will start signalling to you: ‘Slow Down!’. In case you don’t listen, the volume will go up: ‘Slow Down!’.

In case you still don’t listen to the signals your body is giving you, which means all kinds of aches, pains, chronic dis-eases, the volume will go up again: ‘Slow Down!’. Until it is TOO late. In case you don’t listen, … your body will shut down for you.

This might mean you will not know how to make a cup of coffee in the morning, for example you might accidently put the kettle in the fridge instead of the stove. And you might not even be able to walk up a bridge, cycle home, let alone find your way home. I know this, because I have been there. Thus; What is the rush all about?”. ___


I believe the earth needs us to be in Lockdown Mode. The current global situation is telling us to stop moving, to stop rushing, to stop consuming as much as we do. To simply STOP!

It’s kind of like the earth has gone into a burn-out mode and it needs time to heal. And we need to time to heal as well.

Lockdown Mode is apparently the only way for us to DO LESS of what’s no longer serving us, others and the world. Therefore, no matter where you are, there is just one exercise I’d like to share with you during the month of April.


Here we go.
Read the rest of the introduction that I wrote for the Slow Down course.
And then TAKE A BREAK.


___ “Again. What is the rush all about? Let’s see whether you agree with me. Not that you have to agree with me. I guess being in a constant rush and not daring to slow down is about …

… not having to feel what is happening in our lives.
I know too many people who keep themselves overly busy and keep putting their head in the sand. It is just like little kids do: ‘In case I don’t look at the monster in the closet, it is not there’. YES, it is there!

… not addressing the situations in our lives that are actually screaming for attention.
Anxiety, depression, chaos and all kinds of aches, pains and chronic dis-eases. Disturbing thoughts, painful feelings and uncomfortable bodily sensational are signs from your body [1] to guide you towards answers. Like my massage therapist often asked me: “What is your body telling you?”.

… not knowing how to entertain ourselves.
How do you recharge? Can you do it in a way that is positive, caring and compassionate to yourself and others around you? Could you possible care for a quieter world in which you can enjoy a slower, more attentive way of living it? Or like my favourite Yoga instructor says in his classes: “Can you invite even more kindness in all that you do?”. Thank you James Higgins [2]!

… not wanting to accept that life is just life.
We keep ourselves soooo busy (even when we are in Lockdown Mode). What is wrong with doing nothing? What is wrong with perhaps being a little bored? Why not just do nothing for a while? Do we just always need to perform and be great every minute of our day? What if life is ‘just’ life? You wake up, you do your stuff, you go back to bed. What if that is just it? Even when your life, actions and deeds go unnoticed, how bad would that be?”___


What if life is ‘just’ life?
You wake up, you do your stuff, you go back to bed.
What if that is just it?


Life isn’t about pushing yourself to your limits.
It is about allowing yourself to grow and move forward when time is right.


Like Marc Allen states in his book ‘The Magical Path’:

“… in its own perfect time for the highest good of all [3].


It will happen.

You can slow down.
It will make you appreciate life more.
Your inner world and the world around you.
It is not too late.
Just take those ‘running shoes’ off.
Take a break.


Last, but not least, reflect on what I’ve shared with you and do just that. Take a break.


The content of the Slow Down Champion (Find Your Calm) would be so useful for a lot of people right now who are struggling with being at home and spending more quiet time at home. Unfortunately, the e-course isn’t ready to be published.

BUT … in case you need some guidance here NOW, reach out to me. It will motivate me to put it online at a quicker pace and I can then share it with you via a 10-day WhatsApp Group meditation course via Mariannedekuyper.com before I will also put it online on Superchangechampion.com.


Interested in taking the Slow Down Champion course with me now? E-mail me: info@superchangechampion.com.


With love & care,

Marianne de Kuyper


P.S. I’m a Dutch girl going global. Even though I reread everything multiple times, my apologies in case I’ve made a language mistake somewhere. Just e-mail me about it. I’ll be happy to adjust it (if I can) and learn from it!


[1] When I refer to the body, I don’t just mean the physical body. With it I refer to the physical body, emotional body, mental body, environmental body and spiritual body. This is the way I understood the theory shared with me and other students at a Yin Yoga Teacher Training given by Sarah Powers who is known from the book ‘Insight Yoga’.
[2] James Higgins, Yoga instructor, www. jameshigginsyoga.com
[3] Quoted from Marc Allen, The Mystical Path, ISBN 978-1-60868-145-7.


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// I, Marianne (founder) am a Dutch girl going global. Even though (the team and) I reread everything multiple times, my apologies in case I’ve made a language mistake somewhere. Just email me about it. I’ll be happy to adjust it if I can and learn from it! //