Take the leap. The safety net will follow

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This Month: Take the leap. The safety net will follow.


Dear Champs,


How to take decisions and deal with fear? I often allow myself time, until I FEEL the move I’d like to make. For example, when I was thinking about going back to Mallorca for this Winter, I had all kinds of doubts. What did I do next? I allowed myself 2 weeks and I told myself I don’t have to make a decision YET.


“Buckle your seatbelt. And get ready for the ride!”. 


And then I kept on coming across the sentence: “Take the leap, the safety net will follow!”. I came across it in one of my favourite books that I started reading again: ‘The Artist Way’. And in another book, one from Martha Beck, ‘Finding Your Way in a Wild New World’ I often come across a similar phrase: “Buckle your seatbelt. And get ready for the ride!”. 


What’s my leap of faith?
… Mallorca.


Am I ready? No.
Will I jump? Yes.
Is this wise? I don’t know.
Am I doing it anyway? YES!


Hugo and I booked the ferry. We came back from Mallorca with the full moon on 12/11 and we are going back on 12/12.


WOW, I just love that number #12. I know, it’s also, because all of my e-courses have 12 sessions. Was even thinking of lowering the course price to 12 sessions for €12 Euros each = €144. What do you think of that price? Tell me: info@superchangechampion.com.


… But anyway, … my leap of faith this month? We are going back to Mallorca!

How to deal with fear? This is how ….!


On the Wicked Wednesday Challenge I also did a session on fear. Guess what? The act of NOT moving forward can cost us more than moving forward, even though we are nervous about our next move.


In case you’d like to know more about fear- and/or goal-setting, check the following video on Ted.com. Tim Ferriss speaks about fear-setting instead of goal-setting. I like his approach and I figured it might be useful to share it with you.


What other leaps of faith did I take lately?


  • I am busy setting up a new website myself in Squarespace: Mariannedekuyper.com. This website will be linked to Superchangechampion.com and it will link my services of Yoga + Coaching.


  • I have planned a photoshoot. The current photos in my newsletters are of the ‘old’ me. And a new year and a new phase in life ask for new (website) photos! Yes, I am 42 now ;)! A new phase.


  • I have asked some LOVELY people for help & feedback with the development of Super Change Champion, so I can get myself on the right track and stay on it!


…. I am sure there is more to come. 
…. I can feel my head is spinning. 
…. I am dizzy. I can feel it. 

…. I guess it’s because I jumped already and there’s no way back! 😉


How about you …? 
Will you take a leap of faith? 


Check in with yourself:

  • What can go on your list of leaps that you can take?
  • Can you allow yourself to take that leap?
  • What first leap of faith will you take?
  • ….


Go for it. I will talk to you soon again!


And do check Tim Ferris his video. It’s will convince you to take that leap of faith.
BECAUSE … the safety net will follow.


+ I am here for you!
In case you can use some extra support or have a question, just e-mail me and drop me a line or two. I will get back to you for sure: info@superchangechampion.com.


With love and care,
Marianne de Kuyper


P.S. I’m a Dutch girl going global. Even though I reread everything multiple times, my apologies in case I’ve made a language mistake somewhere. Just e-mail me about it. I’ll be happy to adjust it (if I can) and learn from it!

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