The origin of your art

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Super Change Champion


This Month: The origin of your art 💖


“We are the origin of our art.
Its homeland.”
Julia Cameron.


Dear Champs,


Now no matter what your art is, we all have one and PLEASE do something with it. 

It reminds me of the other day when I went for a Vegan coffee + cupcake in Palma de Mallorca.
Well … OMW. I’m so happy that the Vegan chef who baked it, decided to follow his ART!

The cupcake was more than delicious and even looking at the cake on the photo makes me want to drive to Palma and get one NOW!


Which brings me to today’s inspirational quote.
It’s like Julia Cameron writes in her book: ‘The Artist Way’.


“If the demand to be original still troubles you,
remember this: each of us is our own country,
an interesting place to visit”.


It’s about being and staying true to ourselves. 

Don’t worry whether you’re bringing something into the world that has already been done.
Believe me. It hasn’t been done. Nobody can do it the way YOU do it!
And there’re people out there waiting for you to do it YOUR way.



What’s your art?
What can you bring into the world?
What have you got to offer?

Would you like to find out what your answers are to these questions?
Let me guide you. It’s my ART ;)!


I recently started coaching someone who’s intrigued by my almost-definite move to Mallorca. Why? I can tell he’s looking forward to creating a similar change for himself. Coming out of a burn-out, he’s ready to live life in a different country and at a different pace and he’s interested in doing more of what he loves doing and what energizes him.

We’re finding out what he himself would actually love to do. ‘Actually’ is to emphasize what HE wants to do himself. Not what others want him to do.


We use the Oh-So-Famous 5 W’s + How. Do you know them?
These next questions are very basic and simple, but oh-so-important.
And of course, the endings can be rephrased.
The phrasing of the questions all depends on what you wish to find out!


What … would you love to do?
Where … would you love to be?
When … would you love to be there?
With who … would you love to be there?
Why … would you love to go for that option?
How …. will you get there?


The LOVE part is so important. Make a decision from the heart. As Mooij says: “Keep your mind inside your heart!”. How do you know it comes from the heart? When you start feeling bubbly, alive and joyful.

I don’t have a set plan for the coaching sessions that I can hold with you. Why? I go by my intuition. Same when I teach Yoga. Essentially, we will be looking at all of the exercises that are on the e-courses. It’s just that I might be changing the order, based on what you need to look at first.

I’ve done these exercises so many times myself. These coaching questions have become part of me. And I am looking forward to looking at them with you too. Just let me know what you wish to find out and we can begin!


Coming back to making your ART reminds me of a comment a good friend made the other day:

“You aren’t going to start working now, are you? It’s Sunday night!”.


My answers? 

__“Well, YES, the Wi-Fi finally works!”
Meaning I live off-grid and the needed connection is surprisingly working today.
YEAH! I can work on my ART.

__“I feel inspired and I also WANT to do MY stuff!”
Meaning I am a FREElancer. I don’t have certain work-hours or days. I am my own boss and luckily decide on my own hours. And I work when I feel like it. Also, on Sunday nights ;)!


I wish the same motivation + drive for you. 


Ready to bring your ART into the world, or find out what it is?
Ready to make things happen?
Ready to live life feeling FREE and EASY?


I’m here for you. Simply connect!
I’m able to get you well on your way.
Simply hit reply for a ‘Get-To-Know-Each-Other’ call.


With love & care,
Marianne de Kuyper


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