The river itself is PURE

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This month: The river itself is PURE! 🌊



“No the river
is only carrying the pollution,
the river itself is pure”



Dear Champs,


A new month, a new blog ‘Knowing Yourself‘ and a new Yearly Walkabout session where you can find the blog and downloadable workbook on one page!


This month we’re reflecting on: “How well do you know yourself?”.


Well, after so many years of therapy, counselling and coaching and quite a few of self-help books, I can tell you: I know myself pretty well. And of course, there’s always more to discover ;)!

And when reading one of my all-time favourite books I came across the quote from Yogirai:


“No the river is
only carrying the pollution,
the river itself is pure”. 


What does this quote tell you?
It tells me that whatever is occupying our minds, is just passing through.

+ What’s beneath all of the boxes you’ve put around yourself?
+ What’s deep down? 
+ And how can you connect with it?


One way of reconnecting with what’s inside of you could be reading.

At least, that’s my preferred way of learning more about myself. And I’ve read many (!) self-help books on discovering more about the ‘SELF’. And I am currently reading 5 books or so on that same topic.

I still have all of the books that have been so useful for my personal growth and I hold onto them dearly. Why? Every time I read them, I learn something new. 


Some of my favourite books?

Here they are:


1) The Yamas and Niyamas – Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice, Deborah Adele

I use this for the Yearly Walkabout Course 😉 by the way. It’s a course that allows you to look at your beliefs and values and supports you in aligning it with deepest needs and wishes.


2) The Work, Byron Katie

When I started dating Hugo in 2010 this book on the method The Work saved me. If I had not done the work, I would have made Hugo responsible for my happiness. And he’s not responsible for that. I am!


3) Finding Your Way in a Wild New World, Martha Beck

She partly wrote her book in South-Africa, and that already makes me love it. And the way she explains what you can do to learn more about yourself and your direction in life, makes me smile every time I read the book. We need more menders in the world and if you think you’re a healer too, pick up this book.


What’s another great way to reconnect with the core of your being?

Self-Inquiry Writing Exercises?
Verb + ing?

They all work for me!


What works for you?

Let me know.
I’d like to hear it:


Do my e-courses support you?
Is there a way I could support you other than I’m currently doing?
Would you like to join a group-coaching program?
Would you rather like to be coached 1-on-1?

What topic are you interested in?


Tell me what you need and we will make a plan!


I’m here. Simply connect!

With love & care,
Marianne de Kuyper


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