Try a Cave Day!

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This Month: Try a Cave Day!


Dear Champs,


I work from home and I call it my cave. And it’s like I shared on Instagram(new page by the way), I have to. I know, nobody is making me do this. I decided myself that this is the best place for me to be, no matter whether I’m working on or spending my spare time.


I only wish my house was a little bigger, because Hugo (my husband) and I live on 28 m2 and that’s not a lot of space for 2 grown-up people ;)!


Why I work from home?
Why do I have to?
Why don’t I have a ‘normal’ job? 


Yes, often people find my job abnormal as it’s not a 9-5 job and not at an office. Only it’s 2019, isn’t it? But anyway … my home is the only space I can manage and control up to a certain extent. I’m highly sensitive (HSP) and also to certain sounds. They call it ‘misophonia‘ and it means ‘Hatred of Sounds’.


I only think it’s the wrong term, as I don’t hate all sounds. I just don’t like certain and very specific sounds, so I call it ‘Selective Sound Sensitivity’. You can read about it by the way in the introduction of the Sound Champion e-course. Go here for these blogs. These will give you an impression of this e-course that will go live soon!


Coming back to that sound-thing, having to share my workspace with other people is therefore a NO-GO area. I just can’t handle all of the impulses and sounds all the time. BUT … luckily because of the (alternative) therapies I’ve tried, I can deal with more and more sounds. And let’s be honest, I truly love being and hiding at home.


Only when I can’t handle all of the impulses and sounds anymore (which does happen sometimes) I stop working or stop doing whatever I’m doing and I switch off my phone, my pc and the Wi-Fi and I have a Cave Day!


I also mention this and many other stress-management tools in the Sound Champion Course and the Slow Down Champion Course that soon will be available. I only wanted to have them both online already, but it’s just all far more work than I had expected.


For example, I thought I would be able to publish an e-course every 3 months. And even though I have 1 e-course online already and 2 are written, it’s simply a lot of work to get them actually up and running as I am doing everything from A-Z on my own. So, work in progress!


What am I working on?


We still have some Wicked Wednesday spots available by the way. I’d love you to join me on this one. Sign up by e-mailing me at


How about you? 
What do you do when everything around you is simply getting too much?
What stress-management tools work best for you?
What’s your ‘Cave Day’?


Do share it with us! 

E-mail me or share it with us Early Birds in the closed Early Birds Facebook group.


With love and care,
Marianne de Kuyper


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