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This month: Yes, It’s time! 🤩



“I didn’t fail. It was a learning experience.”
_ Anonymous


Dear Champs,

This newsletter is a follow up on the one from March on Same Same, but different. In that letter I told you that I feel that the services that I created in the last 2 years need to change.

Did I fail?

It’s like a friend and business coach said to me:
It was a learning experience!

All that I’ve done in the last couple of years (and before) have been stepping stones to what I’m going to offer you as of now. I will continue to offer you online stuff, like handy workbooks, BUT …

I’d like to make my coaching sessions simple, easy and useful and face-to-face. Just like with the Yoga classes that I used to teach at studios in town. So, from now on I will focus on offering personal coaching sessions in my (online) living room. And yes, some Yoga exercises can be given as well :). 

Same, Same, but different!

What did I create in the last years?
Self-Inquiry Exercises for Self-Awareness & Personal Growth., +

What will go offline? +

Where will all of it continue?

What if you’ve bought a course and are using it?
No worries, email me. I’ve got you covered:

Will this newsletter keep on existing?
YES, you can stay on it. I will keep on writing my newsletters to you from this address.

When will it all change?
I currently have a ‘Coming Soon’ page online and as of May 1st I’m hoping to be able to launch the NEW website and services on

Mind-Mapping to Path-Finding

I often sit down and mind-map my own way forward and I’ve been doing the same for many of my friends, informally and for free. Now it’s time to do this for more people, professionally and for an energy exchange (fee).

What will I offer you? 
Mind-Mapping to Path-Finding

What will you receive?
Personal Coaching Sessions + Mind-Maps.

What sessions can you book with me?

+ Free 20-minute session
+ Hourly Sessions
+ Complete Mind-map Session (2,5 hours)
+ Program of 8 Hourly Sessions

And the Mind-Maps will be included of course!

Why Mind-Maps?
To connect the dots in your story and retrack yourself.
All for more clarity + peace of mind.

It’s like a friend said to me:

“When you sat down with me and drew the mind-map, you took away all barriers for me. I was able to ‘just’ talk and say out loud what was on my mind and the way you connected the dots in my story by drawing a mind-map on a serviette (we’re having coffee + cake for my birthday that day) you gave me a clear sense of direction. The mind-map helped me see it and I’m still working on the steps you showed me I could take”. 

Would you like to give it a try already?
Contact me. I’m available for online sessions.

Book a FREE 20-minute session
Book a first session to find out what I can do for you. And hourly sessions are also already available and my regular fee is €87 per hour. And for you, since you’re on my newsletter list, can receive this support for just €60 per hour.

And in case you’d like to take more sessions than just one, I’ll give a 5% reduction when you book & pay 5 sessions in advance and 10% off when you book & pay 10 sessions. The Mind-Maps are always included of course!

One more important thing. Your financial support is very welcome.

If you can afford to support me with a donation, however small, it’s very welcome. Why? I’ll be very honest with you. I could use some financial support.

I do my best (as many others) to keep my head above water, but the last couple of years I’ve invested a lot of time, energy and money in various projects and people, but haven’t had the revenue I need to be able to pay my own (business) bills.

It’s truly a tough call at the moment, and that’s also why I need to change what I’m doing to make it even clearer what I can offer the world. And I know I can connect the dots in people’s stories and give them a sense of direction. I’ve always done this. Even at the supermarket!

Your support will allow me to spend more time on sharing my experiences and to bring more light into the world. And with your donation you also support others who could benefit from the sessions that I give and the exercises that I share. Therefore, a donation to support my work is very welcome.

OPTION 1 – You can send it to me via PayPal_Me. See the button ‘Contribute + Support’ below the newsletter.

OPTION 2 – Or transfer it to: Marianne de Kuyper (N26 Bank), Account Number: DE29100110012620019441, BIC: NTSBDEB1XXX.

Questions, feedback, ideas or more?
I’m here. Simply connect!

With love & care,
Marianne de Kuyper


P.S.  Have I been able to guide you via my blogs, newsletters and/or e-courses? Is there something you wish to do in return? You can support me by allowing me to spend more time on writing e-courses. This way you also support others who could benefit from the exercises that I share. Therefore, a donation to support my work is always welcome. You can send it to me via PayPal_Me. A BIG thank you in advance!


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