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This Month: Your invitation to the VIP Room!


Dear Champs,


Your invitation to the VIP Room is here! 

I was wondering what I could do to show you some of my ‘work’, and then the idea for a VIP Room emerged. It’s simply a Very Important Place!

It’s my ‘work’ in the world that you can hopefully benefit from. Like my sister once said: “You could have been a psychologist. You always ask so many questions and want to know so much!”. That’s why I do what I do now: online course teaching to encourage you to have a little peek inside. There is simply so much to discover in there and so much to learn from it.

So, why a VIP room? This is where you can find all monthly themes in one place + an extra download with short explanations on additional reflective exercises you could do. Either on the theme of the month or on any topic you fancy.


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Some of the exercises are ‘mine’ and others are from wonderful teachers out there and their names are mentioned, so you can always check out the sources I used!

Oh. Do check the blogs on Monthly Inspiration. That’s where I get into more depth on the monthly topic and on Instagram you can find daily posts too. All to make change easy!


+ Another invitation. Join me on this one too!

Wicked Wednesday is … an online coaching circle!

  • Change what wants to be changed.
  • Weekly invitations to make change easy.
  • Playful exercises to get a different perspective on change.
  • A coaching circle for more fun, joy and ease.
  • Accountability and support from me and the group.


What’s the commitment?
I will keep it ease peasy and not overwhelm you. It’s one email per week with links to the course page and the closed circle on Facebook where it will all happen. That’s all.

+ Join this adventure for 12 weeks. We begin February 26th for just €42.
+ Read the weekly prompts and try the suggested exercises.
+ Share one story weekly in our closed circle on Facebook.

We will share one moment of change that we experienced during the week in the form of words or a photo. That’s it!


What a recent Wicked Wednesday member said about it?

“This course was a fun and different way to look at the choices you make and how you look after yourself. Marianne suggested interesting videos and themes each week that made me approach life’s daily challenges differently. It was a really nice way to get to know people you would never normally meet. Marianne always comments on people’s posts which made me feel well listened to. I would recommend this course to everyone! “, Hannah.



Easy Does It – We begin February 26th!

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With love & care,
Marianne de Kuyper


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