Sound Champion (Bliss!)


Soothe Your World!

Do you have Selective Sound Sensitivity (Misophonia)? This course has been written for you! It could also be beneficial for you when you are highly sensitive (HSP), when you are easily distracted (AD(H)D) or when you are dealing with a lot of stress (Burn-out).

This e-course offers you tools on what works and what doesn’t in the light of being extremely sensitive to impulses and sounds around you and guides you on what you can change to live a free & easy life in a world full of impulses and sounds.

Self-Guided E-course. 12 Online Sessions. Instant Access. Enrol anytime!

This is the introductory price and prices are subject to change without notice. Do take note that 21% goes to VAT payments and I donate 2% of the yearly profit to charity.