Yearly Walkabout (Caring!)


Explore Your World!

Would you like to explore your beliefs and values? And are you motivated to create a life that’s aligned with your needs & wishes? Are you curious to find out how you can do this? The Yearly Walkabout e-course is a great way to start this exploration!

Self-Guided E-course. 12 Online Sessions. Instant Access. Enrol anytime!

The sign-up is almost free and you’ll get a ‘Welcome’ e-mail with a link to pay what it’s worth to you in case you wish to pay more once you’ve tried it. Why almost free? We’re said to be more committed to take an e-course once we have paid for it. Even if it’s as little as 1,00. Do take note that 21 % goes to VAT payments and I donate 2 % of the yearly profit to charity + prices are subject to change without notice. Or choose a donation straightaway by choosing one of the other options on the Yearly Walkabout Course page.