Yearly Walkabout (E-course / Supportive!)


Explore Your World!

Would you like to explore your beliefs and values? And are you motivated to create a life that’s aligned with your needs & wishes? Are you curious to find out how you can do this? The Yearly Walkabout e-course is a great way to start this exploration!

Self-Guided E-course. 12 Online Sessions. Instant Access. Enrol anytime!

You sign up for €10,00 and I see this a sign of gratitude for all the work the team and I’ve put into this Yearly Walkabout e-course. Do take note that 21 % goes to VAT payments and I donate 2 % of the yearly profit to charity + prices are subject to change without notice.

// I, Marianne (founder) am a Dutch girl going global. Even though (the team and) I reread everything multiple times, my apologies in case I’ve made a language mistake somewhere. Just email me about it. I’ll be happy to adjust it if I can and learn from it! //