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“Super Change Champion is the perfect start for any person wanting to learn more about him- or herself. One can easily do the exercises at one’s own pace and even have the assurance that someone is willing to help ‘in the background’ if need be. With the instructor in the background you will find a capable and knowledgeable person. The e-courses are not only for the inexperienced person who wants to find their way in this sometimes complicated world, but for the more advanced ones to find a more fulfilling and meaningful life as well.”_Ute Hecht

“I am glad I met Marianne in person. I took the Change Champion e-course, and I simply loved it. Each day I felt like doing the next session on the e-course. I felt inspired and motivated to continue and put things to practice. Sometimes I didn’t want to answer the raised questions from my heart and used my brain instead. Only I started letting it flow as I should and stopped asking myself so many ‘logical’ questions. I can recommend doing the course for 200%. It’s fantastic. It supported me in getting some personal issues sorted and it helped me with a few changes in my life without me noticing it at first.”_Lwana Lopes

“I am so happy that Marianne put the Sound Champion Course online. The online learning platform that she created offers a trigger-free way to work on personal development, and my topic this time was my sound sensitivity. I truly feel relieved. I have learned a lot about why I get triggered by certain sounds and as a result, I created a ‘Sound Champion Health plan that offers me a framework on what I can do myself to be less triggered in general and on what I can do to live a more relaxed life in a world full of sounds. One result of that is that I now work from home as a freelance designer to make my work match my needs for peace & quiet.”_Alex M.

“The co-writing experience for has been an enriching experience. Our lengthy conversations that usually preceded our course and blog writing efforts, supported me to put things that were happening in my life into perspective. I am therefore not only grateful for having been able to contribute to this online platform, but also for having Marianne in my life, her support, her patience and her insights that never seize to interest me. Furthermore, I really appreciate that Marianne trusted her work with me. We worked on this platform and her courses closely together and its original shape has been the sole product of Marianne’s efforts and personal experiences.”_Bram van den Reijen

“I did Marianne’s ‘Mind-Map It’ course and it’s a great program to get crystal clear on your qualities and challenges, your personality traits and past accomplishments. Also helps you to define your goal, or goals and break them down into actionable steps. Marianne is great. She gently ushers you on the journey with her structured and consistent approach. She is a great listener and makes you dig deep and then just a little bit deeper. Thanks M, I loved the course!”_ Adrienn Guhr

“This e-course was a fun and different way to look at the choices you make and how you look after yourself. Marianne de Kuyper suggested interesting videos and themes each week that made me approach life’s daily challenges differently. It was a really nice way to get to know people I would never normally meet. Marianne de Kuyper always commented on people’s posts which made me feel well listened to. I would recommend this e-course to everyone 🙂.” _Hannah Gage.


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