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Year Champion. Free e-book!

In the e-book ‘Year Champion‘ you will look at saying goodbye to 2020 and hello to 2021. The offered approach in this FREE e-book is for sure different from the manifestation exercises that you normally come across around the New Year. Sign up for the newsletter via Mailchimp and download the e-book straight away and get ready for 2021!

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Tote Bags

I offer you tote bags with art from Hannah Gage to inspire and motivate you to change what can be changed. Go share your talent with the world and let our tote bags be a kind reminder to you that you’ve got this!

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Yearly Walkabout 

Would you like to explore your beliefs and values? And are you motivated to create a life that’s aligned with your needs & wishes? Are you curious to find out how you can do this? The Yearly Walkabout e-course is a great way to start this exploration!

E-Course | 12 sessions | Start anytime! ~ Donations!

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Mind-Map It

Do you want change in your life, but don’t know where to start? Do you have half a plan for a big future, but no idea how to get there? The ‘Mind-Map It’ Personal Coaching Program is a great way to begin!

Coaching Program | 12 days | Start anytime!

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Change Champion

Are you choosing a study? Looking for a career change? Or thinking of setting up your own business? The Change Champion e-course is an excellent starting point!

E-Course | 12 sessions | Start anytime! ~ Core Course

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Sound Champion

Do you have Selective Sound Sensitivity (Misophonia)? This course has been written for you! It could also be beneficial for you when you are highly sensitive (HSP), when you are easily distracted (AD(H)D) or when you are dealing with a lot of stress (Burn-out).

E-Course | 12 sessions | Start anytime! ~ Core Course

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Wicked Wednesday

Do you want to dare to do more, but don’t know how? Sign up for the Online Coaching Circle ‘Wicked Wednesday’. Learn how to make things happen and be cheered on by the group.

Coaching Circle| 12 sessions | We begin January 6th!

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1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

Interested in talking with me about questions that keep you up at night? Would you like to follow your creative urges, but don’t know where to begin? Let’s find the answers together. I’m known for and therefore great in helping people get started with that new beginning. And it’s something that gives me a buzz (which you can profit of). Contact me for more details on these intuitive coaching sessions with me personally.

Coaching | 5 sessions | Start anytime! ~ OFFER €300 (Regular fee €450)

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“When I met Marianne and when I got to know her life story, it quickly became clear to me that she is a true ‘Change Champion’. I was also thrilled when I heard that she decided to use this description for her e-course platform. She is the kind of person that knows how to reinvent herself again and again and is proof of that. Her radiant personality, kindness, groundedness and calmness are noticeable when doing her e-courses. And with no doubt I can say that her e-courses will give you the clarity that you’ll need to move forward on your path and to get to know yourself on a deeper level.”_Adrienn Guhr

“I had a coaching sessions with Marianne on how to be a healthy yoga teacher and how to change my approach to teaching. Her warm, kind presence allowed me to express and open up, to be honest with myself and to answer her questions. She is so calming, with great advice, probing questions for self-enquiry. We did a short guided meditation too and I connected with her soothing, calm voice straight away. From our session I learned a lot about my boundaries as a yoga teacher. And the tools and words of advice she gave, have improved my emotional intelligence/awareness and allowed me to mirror that in my personal life.”_Rosanne Goh


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