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Do you have Selective Sound Sensitivity (Misophonia)? This course has been written for you! It could also be beneficial for you when you are highly sensitive (HSP), when you are easily distracted (AD(H)D) or when you are dealing with a lot of stress (Burn-out).


Price includes 21% VAT and 2% of the yearly profit goes to charity
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Self-Guided E-course + 12 Themes

Your Daily Life | What Happens? Your Bodily Sensations | What Else Happens? Your Feelings & Thoughts | What’s Your Story? | Coping Mechanism | Self-Care. Your Stress Management Tools | Self-Care. Time For A Break | How To Stay Focused? | Your Sound Sensitivity Story | Ready for the WORLD! | Sound Champion Plan | Keep on Experimenting

The themes are kept simple, clear and straightforward. And a big part of the coaching process is about what happens in between the sessions. Your e-course notes that you can make on-site will be of a great support to you now and in the future.

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© Marianne de Kuyper

What will you get?

+ Various themes divided over 12 online sessions.
+ Useful exercises to change your relationship with sounds.
+ Motivational e-mail prompts to stay on track.
+ Downloadable workbook (99-pages / e-book).

This e-course is perfect for:

+ … those who are easily distracted by impulses and sounds.
+ … those who are highly sensitive (HSP).
+ … those who are extremely sensitive to certain triggering sounds (Misophonia).

Or for anyone who wishes to create awareness, clarity and purpose around their past, present and future choices regarding impulses and sounds.

Self-Guided E-course. 12 Online Sessions. Instant Access. Enrol anytime!

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What will you learn?

It is our goal to make you become aware of how Sound Sensitivity affected you in the past, how it affects you today and what you can do yourself to be less affected by it in the future.

You will:

+ Find out how certain (sound) stressors affect you physically, emotionally and mentally.
+ Explore coping mechanisms that you are currently using.
+ Practice stress management exercise that soothe your system.
+ Learn what you can change in your life to deal with the impulses and sounds around you.
+ How to go about making the necessary changes in your life.

Check the Q&A for more details.

© Marianne de Kuyper
© Marianne de Kuyper

How it all works?

We will keep it easy peasy. Once you’re registered, you have access to all the material at once. You decide when and where you work on the suggested exercises. Pace yourself here. One session per week is a great pace!

+ Read one session per week and try the suggested exercises.
+ Try setting the goal to complete all sessions in 12 weeks.
+ Do all of the sessions twice a year and fine-tune your plan.

That’s it!

What else is great?

+ Take the e-course by using your mobile device (phone/tablet).
+ Motivational prompts by e-mail.
+ Save your notes online with our on-site note taking system.
+ Print your online notes as a Word and/or PDF document with just one click.
+ Track your progress.
+ Trigger free pages: no images, audio or videos (apart from some external links).

Self-Guided E-course. 12 Online Sessions.  Instant Access. Enrol anytime!

© Marianne de Kuyper
© Marianne de Kuyper

Meet me, Marianne

I, Marianne am so happy that I can guide you online on the topic of sounds. I’m highly sensitive myself (HSP) and I have had Selective Sound Sensitivity (Misophonia) my whole life. And I have followed individual- as well as group therapy to learn how to deal with these challenges.

And if you are like me, you will most enjoy learning about yourself at your own pace, and in a classroom where you feel comfortable and safe. My e-learning platform is such a place. Each e-course, apart from some external links, will have NO triggering images, audio and/or videos. 

I’ve made it my goal to offer you an online classroom that’s a safe haven for all of us and where we can feel free and at ease.


Price includes 21% VAT and 2% of the yearly profit goes to charity
+ You’ll receive a 20% reduction coupon for future purchases.


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