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We constantly use many useful online tools that we’d love to tell you about them. Hopefully these tools will make your (online) life easier and more joyful.

We have no affiliate arrangements with them (yet) and we’re just telling you about it for fun. In case it becomes or is a sponsored link, we’ll tell you about it as well.

Useful Tools. A-Z.


We use a lot for all of the design we need to do ourselves. Once we earn lots of money, we’ll hire a designer to do it all for us. We can then focus on content more and the designer can have fun revamping our e-course platform (if that’s needed by then) and all that’s linked to it. Here is our profile*, we haven’t published anything there yet, but we might soon and we use all the time!

Insight Timer

Even when you’re a free member, you can meditate for hours with this great app. It helps us to gather our thoughts at the beginning of our day, it helps us through breaks and it helps us relax at night. We love using


We came across this easy tool via someone’s Insta-account and our founder now added her @mariannedekuyper link to her signatures in her e-mail accounts. Now everyone can find her work by just following these links to a great link-overview. You can use Linktree for free. It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s handy!


In case you’re on our Early Bird List, you’ve seen already that we use for our newsletters. We do struggle with it sometimes (we’re not so good with all of the techniques out there), but we love their free sign-up option. And we do manage to send out letters to you every month thanks to this tool.


For more productivity or to relax, you can listen to the sounds on We just love listening to the sounds of nature while we’re working or chilling. And the best thing is, no interruptions by annoying commercials. We see this website as a trigger-free music option!


We have our to-do’s online on We’ve got a board full of post-its and we created a timeline and added our To Do, Doing and Done cards to it. We love organizing all our steps via this online project board.


In case you understand Dutch,* is a great tool for all your legal documents. You answer a few questions, and Ta Da your Dutch and English Word-document and PDF with all of the small print is ready. You can use my reduction code: OTL75Q.  Use the referral link, go to prices, choose a subscription and you’ll see the reduction appear. 


If you have any questions regarding these tools or you’d like to share another interesting tool with us, contact us at


*Referral Link offered by the person or company that offers this useful tool.

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