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Downloadable Workbooks

The 12 workbooks are part of an e-course that’s written month by month. The e-course is called ‘Yearly Walkabout‘ and it will be shared with you for FREE on the VIP ROOM page.

You can see the Yearly Walkabout as a journey you take yourself on during 12 months. During this walkabout, you reflect on your attitude towards yourself, others around you and the world; you could say people you know and don’t know yet, but that you’re connected to.

Each workbook offers you a specific theme and you’re invited to answer reflective questions and do self-inquiry exercises. The themes are based on the yogic ethics called the ‘Yamas & Niyamas’ that can be seen as guidelines on how to live life. And they offer an interesting starting point to look at your beliefs. You can update your beliefs if needed ;)!

Workbook June (Summary January-May)

Yearly Walkabout

Non-Violence | Truthfulness | Non-Stealing | Non-Excess |
Non-Possessiveness | Purity | Contentment | Self-Discipline |
Self-Study | Surrender | + 2 Summaries.

© Marianne de Kuyper.

JANUARY | Ahimsa (Non-Violence) can be described as the total and complete absence of violence from one’s mind, body, and spirit. How non-violent are you towards yourself, others and the world? 

© Marianne de Kuyper

FEBRUARY | Satya (Truthfulness) guides us to think, speak, and act with honesty and integrity. Satya is about seeing and communicating things as they actually are, not as we would like them to be. How truthful are you towards yourself, others and the world?

© Marianne de Kuyper

MARCH | Asteya (Non-Stealing) guides us to neither steal, nor have the intention or desire to steal, anything that belongs to another person. This applies to speech, thoughts and actions. Do you steal from yourself, others and the world?

© Marianne de Kuyper

APRIL | Brahmacharya (Non-Excess) reminds us of the sacredness of life. It’s about not overdoing food, work, exercise or sleep. And it’s about finding the right balance and knowing when enough is enough. How sacred is life to you?

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